“Behold, everything becomes new!”

On February 4, 2017 we will be ready to begin Rite of Passage 20 in our individual ‘reflections’ on the lives we have led.

I have found enormous benefit so far from all these flashes of ‘hindsight’ and the lessons that I have learned from our past behaviors and the now known direct consequences of those actions.

My story is certainly not yours, nor yours mine; but now and again our experience pathways overlap like highflying aircraft contrails in the sky?

These are the moments when we ‘see’ that our journeys can be a substantial blessing to one another; especially when we are willing to share ‘the whole truth’.

I have changed my Saturday’s With Graham to this, more private corner of my website, because what I now have to share are matters related to ‘darkness’ only made visible when set against the light at the end of the tunnel…hence the necessity to have the whole story in your hands.

I shall be posting my comments (rather than the earlier blogs) alongside yours as just another rite of passage and hope also to be more interactive than in the past.

Each of my posts will come on the first Saturday of the month and will deal with just one of the questions asked. I have included three questions for each ‘chapter’ in order to widen the scope of your response…please choose whatever one fits your experience best.

My entire reason for this ongoing sharing is to be an encouragement, to be resilient and to finish well. If you have very dear friends who you feel may benefit from these exchanges then please do let them know about the club.  We do not want to be diluted by big numbers, only blessed by both new and old ‘upstreamers’ who want to “convert past habits that harmed into present day resources that can heal and do less harm!

I hope to read your story alongside mine on February 4, 2017

Introducing the Reflective Readers Club

GK at Desk

One of the best ways to benefit from a good book is to read it in the company of others, as in Book Clubs. This, then, is the reason why I created the Reflective Readers Club (RRC), so that you, as my reader, might use each Rite of Passage (our word for chapter) to reflect upon your own life at these important and influential times.

These stories are mine, yours, friends, family, and community; our global future needs eyes that see and ears that hear. Come…read and listen to the river of resilience in which we, like the Chinook Salmon, may flash like silver for the benefit of all!

2017 is the year that our Reflective Readers Club comes of age!

My book Flash of Silver…the leap that changed my world’ is the book we will be discussing. Book owners have free membership but you will need “the code” to enter the online club.

The code:

Paperback: The number of miles travelled (without the comma).

Found in the last paragraph on page 397.

EBook: page 453

If you don’t already have a copy you can order the eBook or paperback copy here:

Amazon Books

Effective immediately (using the code) you can join in the discussions within each Rite of Passage.

I am open to all comments so long as they encourage and inspire but I will avoid posting anything that might cause anyone to stumble, be offended or made weak.

This club is all about being kind and respectful and doing less harm!

I’ll be reading all the comments and also adding my own thoughts on the first Saturday of the month so keep coming back! I love reading your stories…



What is UpStreaming?

You’ll notice that I talk a lot about upstreaming.  I tell you about what upstreaming means in this video.

Learn how we can upstream together in my blog. Visit now!

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