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Indifference or Resilience… Time to Choose

All matter degrades over time. It degrades faster these days because of indifference. If we did less harm, it might slow the decay, even now, in our own lives and those we love. I have made such a commitment…


We may together uncover some answers?

By subscribing and having your friends join us, you will get an email reminder every Saturday that will link you directly to the blog. The blog will amplify the text in my book ‘Flash of Silver…the leap that changed my world’ and ask one question. I shall then try to answer how it was for me years ago and how it is right now. I do hope that you too will do the same.

‘Habits that harm can become resources that’s heal’
– Graham Kerr 1982 ‘QOL’.

PS. If you own a copy of the book it will be helpful but not essential. My great desire is not to sell books but to find responsive readers and defeat indifference.

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