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Sep 22, 2015



1100hours GMT on 22 September 1955

That’s the precise date and time that Treena and I were married in St. Mildred (Anglican) Church in Tenterden, Kent, England.

If you were not already aware of my fascination with metaphor and analogy, then I will need to confess that I tend to “suffer” from them…like allergies.

Treena will tell you that I do not suffer…other people do…so usually I will consider backing off…but in this case, I simply cannot!

An acronym is another preoccupation? (I really should be in government) and so, GMT caught my eye. It is, of course, Greenwich Mean Time and is used as the way we measure time…at its starting point. I stumbled over the acronym as I planned for our celebration of the 60th anniversary of our marriage and how we might focus our attention in our time zone of PST (Pacific Standard Time), which is nine hours behind GMT. This meant that we had married at 0200hrs our time…the romantic idea of getting up at that time quickly faded.

Being married and its pure joy has not faded! I remain as firmly wedded to this wonderful woman as I was just 60 years ago and now I have so many added reasons to celebrate.

Three of them are, on this date, gathered about us. Kareena, our youngest, came in from Tennessee; Andy, our son, from Montana. Tessa, with her husband Scott, are part of our “home” team. It is also Tessa’s birthday…a brilliant piece of family planning in our first year of marriage. We all celebrate this day that seems forever both close and distant.

Looking back over so many years I am aware of one amazingly constant thread…

It’s a truly wonderful gift and it has made the world of difference to all our lives. I even found an acronym for DOW –Degree Of Willingness.

Daily I hear the radio reporting the “DOW” as a barometer of the stock market’s kneejerk reactions to the global economy. I always let the word “Dow” help me to reflect not upon our financial investments but upon Treena’s gentle touch, her every dear and loving smile and I am caught up in a thermal of gratitude.

A wise man once said, “The business of life is to prepare for a joyful death.”

Every day with my beloved Treena helps me plan for that inevitable day with a grand ambition that when my time has come…I shall look back (and forward) and smile.

Oh yes! and then there is the real meaning of GMT…Graham Married Treena

Sep 13, 2015

An Update on Treena

“It is called a “guarded” situation by the medical profession. Treena is in the midst of a great deal of loving care, both professionally and with our immediate family, all our children are with us today…and, of course our fellowship of believers and dear friends from way back are in prayer.

I find a small quote from a favorite store of sermons by Alexander MacLaren a great comfort as we face the many choices that our advanced technologies provide.

“it is in trying to do what we cannot do that we do best what we can do”

Our lives, over the past 41 years, having been”‘trying to do” the will of our Father and to finish the task of testifying to the grace and glory of God. This, whilst we have breath, remains the greatest desire of our hearts. Humanly it’s hard but in “continuing to try” our prayers are that we may “do best what we can do” and that includes being comforted with the love that we are receiving for us by everyone who cares so deeply.

It is far from an empty phrase to say the the outcome is in our loving Father’s hands. That really is the reality in which we live out our lives and with that our family is being strengthened, encouraged and comforted.

Please do join with us that His will be done.

Love Graham.