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Dec 19, 2015


Flash of Silver…the leap that changed my world.
Rite of Passage One -The Journey Begins-

Question #3

I want this to be about a mix of science and spirituality and NOT about politics!

lint 12-16-15I find myself exposed to far too much posturing for votes and not enough pondering about truth. Those who have ‘extreme views’ on any subject attract attention like lint on a dark suit, I want to engage with those who ponder…and be lint free?

I see myself as a spiritual being having a human experience and in that understanding I wanted to go back over my nearly 82-years and see where I have engaged with life and all its twists and turns.

I have absolutely no memory of the moment I was conceived.
I do, however, have a very active imagination!

I also believe, passionately, that imagination is a gift to be used to add understanding to mystery. It is very clear that I could not possibly have seen my parents at the moment that their sperm and egg became…me?

And yet I sat down to imagine what might have been. All my thoughts about what might have been going on are covered in the book, what is left unsaid is the hugely important issue of when ‘life’ begins.

As a gardener I know that the seeds I saved from last year will germinate in the spring and becomes plants in the summer -to be harvested and consumed with great joy in the summer and fall. The seed meets the earth and its nutrients and away from the light its life begins…that’s a simple mix of science and logic.

In my metaphor the Chinook Salmon’s eggs and the milt have combined under the smooth pebbles in the clear, cold oxygen rich River…and ‘life’ begins.

So, am I somehow different? Do I begin to multiply cell structure until a certain stage of growth is reached…a quickening of the heartbeat…the kick of tiny feet?

I seek no legal understanding with a political agenda, only what might be true. Did my life, as I now know it, begin when all that was needed…met and, in need of nourishment, began to grow?

In my case, as a result of the time taken to imagine, I came away with an experience that has profoundly affected my sense of self-worth. My parents appeared to me as unaware of the moment and even detached from each other emotionally and yet, there was this miracle of new life happening within my mother that was causing great joyful ripples of creative achievement at the moment of my conception and what would lie beyond in my entire life journey.

Who would not feel self-worth at such a point of celebration?

It may even help, just a little, to add a further degree of wonder and awe as we enter into the Christian season that can still ‘ripple with great joy’ at what has happened and will happen from that tiny birth, so long ago.


Dec 12, 2015

Help a Child Today

Flash of Silver…the leap that changed my world.
Right of Passage One – The Journey Begins –

Question #2

Could it be that you might encourage a child with a “good word” that they may remember for the rest of their lives?

Flip phoneRecently my very mature son, a baby boomer, took me to Best Buy to purchase an iPhone to replace my aged ‘flip’ phone that causes some young moderns to find it an amusing relic. I, on the other hand, feel that it suits me just fine!

During this extremely longwinded exchange I wandered off in search of anything that I might understand…like an electric kettle?

Rounding a corner en route to small appliances I almost collided with a 5 or 6-year-old girl whose parents were also entangled in an iPhone purchase. She too was on the prowl.

She was also sneezing and coughing mightily…into the underside of her well-bent elbow, every time…same place.

I went over and didn’t try to start up a conversation largely because I am deaf enough to not understand a small child’s reply.

“Hello,” I started, “That’s a nasty cold you have.”
She nodded.
“Did your mummy show you how to cough into you sleeve like that?”
Again, she nodded.
“I think you are wonderful to do that, it really helps keep other people like me from getting sick”
This time she gave me a shy smile…and then…nodded.

I have absolutely no idea if she will remember my words but I like to think she might and it has helped me to keep a look out for small children behaving well. And then tell them so.

I’ve spent at least 75 years since I overheard my grandmother saying that I was a good little by for folding my clothes. It has meant a great deal to my sense of self worth, especially when nothing seemed to be going right.

Would you consider joining me?  Keep an eye out and catch a child in the act of being…good!

Two days later I returned the iPhone, too many bells and whistles for an ‘amusing relic’ like me. Besides, I like it when I can get a young modern to smile, even though it’s just at my flip phone!

Dec 05, 2015

Enable Me


[sc_embed_player fileurl=”″]  Enable Me

Enable me

Enable me,
this is my prayer.
I’m in trouble.
Have I lost You?
I can’t find You
Enable me,
to know You’re near,
close by my side.
You foretold
You’d not forsake me.
Yet, where are You?
Enable me,
I’m afraid;
I’ve lost myself,
And You have left.
I know You say
that I must trust
and understand
also, have faith
and so believe
That You will never
leave my side, so…
Enable me,
to have no doubts.
Enable me,
to just accept;
You will not stop
Your love for me.
Though, I cannot
at this moment
feel Your Presence
close beside.
Enable me –
to embrace,
not abdicate
my right,
to fight
and win this Holy race.
Dec 05, 2015

The Journey Begins

photo-1420641637488-df930ea6ec80If spin were to be given a new antonym it should surely be transparency?

How we all wish we could arrive at that point in our muddled political media!

Let me; at least, try in these blogs, that I hope will arrive every Saturday…God willing.

I intend to keep an eye out for the world and try to make some kind of sense of it by looking carefully for the truth. I will not be expressing my opinions on current events because I want to spend more time on a much smaller issue…me and hopefully…you!

It’s not at all that I think that I am worthy of attention but rather it is a felt need to explore where I have been, what I did and how I can finish better than I have managed so far.

Why should I think that should be of interest to you?

I believe many of us are observers. When we see something that seems worthwhile we tend to start thinking about what we have seen or heard and then, after due consideration, we may choose to do something similar.

That’s the reason I wrote the book ‘Flash of Silver…the leap that changed my world.

I did it so that my overall life could be ‘observed’ in both its errors and its better choices. Surely there are some common lessons that can be at least…observed, if not learned?

There is elsewhere in this website a section we call The Reflective Readers Club. It has only just started and so there is, as yet, little to see. My great hope is that, over time, there can be dozens of mini stories that are somehow prompted by my experiences, that may, in their accumulation, be of some benefit to us all as we journey into such an uncertain global future where personal resilience is going to be an ever increasing preoccupation.

I shall now begin with the questions asked at the end of each chapter and take them one at a time for the next 197 weeks, once again…God willing!

Now, in order to be TRANSPARENT with you, let me say that my very clear purpose is to have you join the journey in what I shall call the RIVER OF RESILIENCE. It is one that is needed if humanity is to survive and it may demand that we make choices that will call for some degree of relinquishment and that will not be easy…I know, because that is my ongoing story.

The river is one that is filled with examples, ones that may potentially change our world for the better. By adding yours, you will be seen as a ‘flash of silver’ by someone, somewhere and our future will be just a little better?

Let us hope so.

Rite of Passage Question 1: The Journey Begins.
Q. Is there an early memory that has shaped your life journey?

Mine took place during the London Blitz in 1940 when I was six years old.

I had been ‘billeted’ in the countryside, away from the bombs, with a kindly ‘old’ lady who taught me to tie my shoelaces and fold my clothes. I returned to London in November 1940 and was put to bed looking through paper-taped windows at searchlights sweeping the night sky amid blossoms of anti aircraft fire.

I pretended to be asleep when my Mother and Grandmother came up to tuck me in.

My Grandmother whispered to my Mother.’
“Look what a good little boy…see how he has folded his clothes.”

It was the first time that I can remember something that approved of me being said to someone else and it meant a lot then…and still does today.

For far too many years I have tended to shrug off such approvals thinking most of them as being undeserved instead of letting them take up a permanent resting place within the small store of self worth that we can treasure and even use, from to time to balance our less than ‘good little boy’ moments.

Do you have a collection of words in your treasury of self worth?