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Jan 30, 2016

In The Valley


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In The Valley

Lord, I’m in the Valley,
Deep within the meads
Where I’ll pick the flowers
Replacing them with seeds.
When I’ve nothing else to do
I’ll rest in Valley’s shade,
I know not where the path lies
By many tears ‘tis veiled.
I do not want to be here
Because I long to see
The peaks of sunny Zion
From the path hidden from me.
I’m down here in the valley;
To rest, I need Your Grace.
With Your Smile upon me
And Your Glory on my face.
Help me Lord to rest here,
Quietly from life’s race.
When you choose to show me,
The path to Zion’s Place.
I will not fight against Your Will,
You know so well my prayer.
But the waiting is not easy
Lord, help me to prepare.

Jan 30, 2016

Abuse and Imagination

Flash of Silver…the leap that changed my world
Question #1
Rite of Passage Three –No Longer Alone-


1944 aged 10-11

Abuse comes in many forms, some more damaging than others. Is it possible that we ‘invent’ in our pain some ‘added’ events that may not have happened? Do these stories help to keep the pain alive?

I am very sure of the abuse I suffered during my early schooling. I know I was beaten on several occasions. But did a fellow student really soap a step and cause an abusive master to fall to his death…or was it just an accident?

Did I, in the company of others, form an “anti-beating up society” that attacked another house that had badly beaten one of ‘ours’ simply because he was Jewish?

These memories are so fresh and real, in my mind, but I have no confirmation other than the pain that surrounds the entire period after so many years. I have used this difficult time to declare it a ‘disaster that impacted many years of my life’

SO…what about now?

I have largely come to the conclusion that a degree of imagination had crept in over the years. I feel that it came on the heels of being a ‘victim’ and that justified my antagonism to institutions that either permit violence or even perpetrate it; as in politically inspired warfare where an entire nation can be manipulated into taking another nation’s lifeblood and feel justified in doing so.

Warfare is still the taking of life and this is what now remains of my early pains. I plan to do no harm in the years I have left but do all I can, in the company of others, to be at peace with all men.

Jan 23, 2016

I Wonder Why


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I Wonder Why

I wonder why my thoughts rush forth
Speaking words which I regret?
Why do I cuss within my head
When I long pure thoughts instead?

What is it all about, this self called me
Which does wrong while desiring right?
A tongue untamed, one cannot flee,
Clacking like those geese in flight.

I wonder why? I truly try
To make my speech proclaim
With sweet words that stroke the ear
And won’t defile His Name.

Yet this untamed tongue of mine
Will run its uninhibited view
You see, without You Lord, I find
There’s nothing I can do.

Jan 23, 2016

Fear of Failure

Flash of Silver…the leap that changed my world Question #3 Rite of Passage Two -Acquisition- Have you tried as hard as you knew how and still failed, even to the point of being punished unjustly? Later on did you back off rather than lose the “race”? I was nine years old and tall for my age. The […]

Jan 16, 2016

I Know a Place


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I know a Place

I know a place of peace
Where Arbutus trees line the shore
Where Kingfishers sing their evening song,
Cormorants and blue herons call.

I know a place of peace
Beneath cormorants Madrona tree
Where sailboats anchor at eventide
And weary souls seem set free.

I know a place of peace
Where the Lord whispers low
Where eyes can see and ears can hear
When those in prayer commune below.

I know a place of peace
Where Spirits are revitalized
From all earths jaded ways
The hassle, stress of lives.

I know a place of peace
Deep within the heart
One simply needs to take the time
To be with Him apart.

Jan 16, 2016

Distant Dads

Flash of Silver…the leap that changed my world.
Question #2
Rite of Passage Two -Acquisition-

Q. Did you have only a passing relationship with your dad? How is it now for your son…with you?

Did father know best?

BompaI had a distant dad. He was a man of his time born in the early 1900’s and very British. He was unable to tell me that he loved me, or to show any of his deeper feelings. He was, by no means a dour and withdrawn fellow, in fact he was the perfect genial host, much loved by customers and staff alike in the post war hotel business where he flourished.

My problem lay in his return from serving in Egypt during the war. I was seven at that time and hardly knew him. All I remembered was being sent straight away to Boarding School, which turned out to be a very traumatic experience, one that I blamed on him for the rest of his life.

I had it wrong!

Several years after his death, I discovered that I had not been sent off ‘immediately’. He had been there for my mother and me for two years before that ugly school experience.

He was not to blame after all. I now have real regrets for having been a ‘distant son’, how different it might have been for us both.

As a victim I needed someone to blame and somehow I chose to overlook two whole years of our shared life.

I almost made the same mistake with my son. I was mostly distant by being almost a blur as I galloped about trying to meet hundreds of deadlines, rather than just ‘hang out’ with him and his sisters. I even sent him and his older sister to boarding school! Fortunately this has been forgiven and we are a much warmer and less distant family.

Your story is obviously different from mine but this one thing I know; if there is still time to be reconciled with a distant parent, take a deep breath, tell them you love them and just see what may happen.

Love covers a multitude of sins…it may not be too late!

Upstreaming on purpose!

Jan 09, 2016

Fashion or Food

Flash of Silver…the leap that changed my world.
Rite of Passage Two –Acquisition-

Q. How about your very first item of clothing and a prized possession that set you apart from others?

Mine was my Scout’s hat and the staff with its nifty rings! I didn’t spend a whole lot of time just sitting and looking at them. My main purpose was to wear the hat and carry the staff and stand on the corner where I knew that my 8 year old playmate Sylvia, with long very blonde hair, would be bound to see me…sooner or later.

It was the first of a whole lifetime of preoccupation with outward appearance and how what I wore might influence others that I so wanted to approve of…me!

Has that changed?

I really wonder sometimes and I’m so glad that I live in a mainly rural area surrounded by nearly 100,000 acres of some of the richest farmland in the world. Somehow moderate fashion statements seem just a wee bit silly…so by and large I seem to fit in. Of one thing I am sure, my wardrobe has been dramatically downsized.

Tie salesmanI have one blue blazer, a very odd green one (and I don’t play golf!) One suit and a whole bunch of ties that are totally redundant around here. I have been given slacks and shirts as presents and a few pullovers (sweaters)…so I have more than enough to be just a wee bit different from day to day.

I need to let some of the extras find their way to someone who could do with a nearly new shirt, or slacks. I doubt they would want a tie?