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May 27, 2016

Do God-Vows Work?

Flash of Silver…the leap that changed my world Question #24 Rite of Passage Eight –A Taste of Things to Come– (1951 to 1953) Age 17-19 Q: A vow: There are very few opportunities to make a vow before God in a religious ceremony. Do you think it might actually make a difference from other ‘legal’ […]

May 27, 2016

the perfect friend

the perfect friend

they hear with eyes intent on what i say.
eyes stay fixed and do not flitter,
side to side, or wander far away.
the tilt of head, encouraging,
and with their gentle smile,
i feel special, confident to speak
i discern that something, is unique;
inhibited i falter, words then swiftly fade;
for this rapt listener is rare.
no interruption do they make.
they are not compelled to have
their say.
when we part, a warmth surrounds —
self-worth is strong, i strive no more;
at least no more today. 


Dedicated to Darlene Cunningham, a true friend to so many and to me.

May 28
May 20, 2016

Marriage Without Approval?

Flash of Silver…the leap that changed my world Question #23 Rite of Passage Eight –A taste of things to come– 1954-1956 Age: 20-22 Q: Marriage without approval: Did you ‘move out’ without parental approval… Do you face the same situation as a parent, with your child? How did you (or might) you handle it now? […]

May 20, 2016


once there was sweet motherhood

Sacrifice of self; seems no more.
Womanhood now demands its privilege
“It’s my body, I have my human rights.”
Does wee one have no civil liberties?
Must baby sacrifice its life, its future,
Because of sexual appetite?
“I love you mama! I am here,
Mama can’t you feel my fear?”
Hardened hearts no longer feel.
Love’s grown cold,
So sorry precious little one,
You seem to have no rights at all,
So simply sacrifice your life.
You’re just a consequence of sin,
Maybe from rape or passions fling.
Yours is a martyr’s death for another’s sin.
I hear a cry, “Crucify Him.”
Beauty Contest winner
May 13, 2016

It’s funny how much it can hurt!

Flash of Silver…the leap that changed my world Question #22 Rite of Passage Eight –A Taste of Things to Come– (1951-1953) Age 17-19 years old Q: Jesting: A jest has been described as a fishhook (and line) set in hard candy. At first it’s almost funny but after a while its humor melts and the […]

May 12, 2016



some wander through the wilderness of life
without a star to navigate the way,
or a friend who’s qualified to guide.
thus they meander, lonely, empty and bereaved.
some live a life of self-deceptive peace,
which glorifies the enemy of man.
‘tis hopelessness and intellectual pride
this tranquil poultice to a soul that yearns
unknowingly, for God’s respect and love.
life’s perfect, peaceful, masterpiece.
darkened angels, lock with mirth, heaven’s gates,
while Lucifer? he grins and rubs his hands in glee!
God’s way is crystalline,
not muddied with some phantom words.
the verity, my friends, is here;
Jesus Christ, died for the world, that all,
should have eternal life and love,
May 06, 2016



Hands are for working,
for loving, for giving,
for playing, for mending
the sick.
Hands can be shocking,
be gentle, be pretty,
be perfect, be strong,
or be weak.
Hands can be willing
to toil for each other,
to offer, to tender,
and care.
Hands can tell stories
of hardship, of sorrow,
of beauty, of aging,
of prayer.
May 06, 2016

Honesty, with words

Flash of Silver…the leap that changed my world Question #21 Rite of Passage Seven –A Fate Worse Than Death– (1951-1953) Age 17-19 years old Q: What advice would you give your young adult children when they first leave home? Did you do that, or did you keep it to yourself? When I left home for […]