Treena Kerr

Born: May 18, 1934
Born Again: December 17, 1974

Married to Graham Kerr on September 22, 1955.

Tessa, born 1956, married to Scott Fulton.
Andrew, born 1960, married to Janet Pace.
Kareena, born 1968, married to Michael Ferguson.

Matthew Jopp
Molly married to Sean Flanagan
Brooke Kerr married to Luke Nakatsukasa
Katherine Kerr
Jessica Ferguson
Sydney Ferguson

Treena’s Career

1945 – 1955:
Professional Theatre, Actress (Jersey CI and London)

1959 – 1969: Theatre and Radio in New Zealand and Australia, Actress

1969 – 1971: Produced the Galloping Gourmet, received two Emmy Nominations for Producer of the year.

1972 – 1974: Sailed with Graham and all three children.

1975 – 1993: Taught all over Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom, Manila, and Singapore. With Graham joined Youth with a Mission to learn more about the Lord Jesus (1978).

1993 – 2003: Worked on the following shows: Graham Kerr Show, Mini- Max, Graham Kerr’s Kitchen, The Gathering Place, and Swiftly Seasoned with son Andrew.

Taught and shot film on the QE2 maiden voyage in 1994.

2000: Wrote a poetry book called Substance in Shadow, went so well had a second printing. Now out of print, Treena has updated and added to the book and the revised edition was printed January of 2005. See the bookstore on the website to order a copy.

2004: Co-authored with Graham , Charting a Course to Wellness.

2006: Co-authored with Graham , Recipe for Life.

List of Topics for Teaching to Church Groups
The Two Bears (Criticism and Judgment)
Creative Acceptance
The Habit that Bites (Rejection and Overcoming)
God is speaking! (Are you listening?)
Unconditional Forgiveness and Love
Gods Flower Garden
Perfectionism (To Be of Not?)
Poetry. Healing. (Reading Substance of Shadow, you can rite poetry too!)