The Journey Begins

Dec 05, 2015

The Journey Begins


photo-1420641637488-df930ea6ec80If spin were to be given a new antonym it should surely be transparency?

How we all wish we could arrive at that point in our muddled political media!

Let me; at least, try in these blogs, that I hope will arrive every Saturday…God willing.

I intend to keep an eye out for the world and try to make some kind of sense of it by looking carefully for the truth. I will not be expressing my opinions on current events because I want to spend more time on a much smaller issue…me and hopefully…you!

It’s not at all that I think that I am worthy of attention but rather it is a felt need to explore where I have been, what I did and how I can finish better than I have managed so far.

Why should I think that should be of interest to you?

I believe many of us are observers. When we see something that seems worthwhile we tend to start thinking about what we have seen or heard and then, after due consideration, we may choose to do something similar.

That’s the reason I wrote the book ‘Flash of Silver…the leap that changed my world.

I did it so that my overall life could be ‘observed’ in both its errors and its better choices. Surely there are some common lessons that can be at least‚Ķobserved, if not learned?

There is elsewhere in this website a section we call The Reflective Readers Club. It has only just started and so there is, as yet, little to see. My great hope is that, over time, there can be dozens of mini stories that are somehow prompted by my experiences, that may, in their accumulation, be of some benefit to us all as we journey into such an uncertain global future where personal resilience is going to be an ever increasing preoccupation.

I shall now begin with the questions asked at the end of each chapter and take them one at a time for the next 197 weeks, once again…God willing!

Now, in order to be TRANSPARENT with you, let me say that my very clear purpose is to have you join the journey in what I shall call the RIVER OF RESILIENCE. It is one that is needed if humanity is to survive and it may demand that we make choices that will call for some degree of relinquishment and that will not be easy…I know, because that is my ongoing story.

The river is one that is filled with examples, ones that may potentially change our world for the better. By adding yours, you will be seen as a ‘flash of silver’ by someone, somewhere and our future will be just a little better?

Let us hope so.

Rite of Passage Question 1: The Journey Begins.
Q. Is there an early memory that has shaped your life journey?

Mine took place during the London Blitz in 1940 when I was six years old.

I had been ‘billeted’ in the countryside, away from the bombs, with a kindly ‘old’ lady who taught me to tie my shoelaces and fold my clothes. I returned to London in November 1940 and was put to bed looking through paper-taped windows at searchlights sweeping the night sky amid blossoms of anti aircraft fire.

I pretended to be asleep when my Mother and Grandmother came up to tuck me in.

My Grandmother whispered to my Mother.’
“Look what a good little boy…see how he has folded his clothes.”

It was the first time that I can remember something that approved of me being said to someone else and it meant a lot then…and still does today.

For far too many years I have tended to shrug off such approvals thinking most of them as being undeserved instead of letting them take up a permanent resting place within the small store of self worth that we can treasure and even use, from to time to balance our less than ‘good little boy’ moments.

Do you have a collection of words in your treasury of self worth?

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  1. Jean N Sozio Says: December 22, 2015 3:42 am

    I was born into a unique situation – the last of 9 (at the time 7 surviving) – 11 years after the last who was 13 years after the one before him. My mom was 48 and my dad 56. In a Catholic family, my parents had charged my middle brother (1 of 5) and his wife to be my “Godparents”. As my dad passed away when I was 6 he took charge of my mother, last brother, and me who were now alone with each other as the other siblings were married with children of their own. He lived in a nearby town to where I would spend many weekends and holidays with his family. Whenever he saw me, from age 6 to the present age 60, he would always welcome me with a great big smile and the words, “here is my beautiful sister”. He is 26 years older than I. He was the “father” presence I needed to steady me in my unbalanced world. He made me feel so positive and accepted – that I was worthy of being me and fostered in me great confidence in myself for my entire life’s journey thus far. My other brothers also did their part in teaching me ethics, education, and friendship. Be confident in who you are – God has cast you to play a part in the production of another. My anchor before meeting Christ – the poem “Desiderata” by Max Ehrman.

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