Dec 19, 2015



Flash of Silver…the leap that changed my world.
Rite of Passage One -The Journey Begins-

Question #3

I want this to be about a mix of science and spirituality and NOT about politics!

lint 12-16-15I find myself exposed to far too much posturing for votes and not enough pondering about truth. Those who have ‘extreme views’ on any subject attract attention like lint on a dark suit, I want to engage with those who ponder…and be lint free?

I see myself as a spiritual being having a human experience and in that understanding I wanted to go back over my nearly 82-years and see where I have engaged with life and all its twists and turns.

I have absolutely no memory of the moment I was conceived.
I do, however, have a very active imagination!

I also believe, passionately, that imagination is a gift to be used to add understanding to mystery. It is very clear that I could not possibly have seen my parents at the moment that their sperm and egg became…me?

And yet I sat down to imagine what might have been. All my thoughts about what might have been going on are covered in the book, what is left unsaid is the hugely important issue of when ‘life’ begins.

As a gardener I know that the seeds I saved from last year will germinate in the spring and becomes plants in the summer -to be harvested and consumed with great joy in the summer and fall. The seed meets the earth and its nutrients and away from the light its life begins…that’s a simple mix of science and logic.

In my metaphor the Chinook Salmon’s eggs and the milt have combined under the smooth pebbles in the clear, cold oxygen rich River…and ‘life’ begins.

So, am I somehow different? Do I begin to multiply cell structure until a certain stage of growth is reached…a quickening of the heartbeat…the kick of tiny feet?

I seek no legal understanding with a political agenda, only what might be true. Did my life, as I now know it, begin when all that was needed…met and, in need of nourishment, began to grow?

In my case, as a result of the time taken to imagine, I came away with an experience that has profoundly affected my sense of self-worth. My parents appeared to me as unaware of the moment and even detached from each other emotionally and yet, there was this miracle of new life happening within my mother that was causing great joyful ripples of creative achievement at the moment of my conception and what would lie beyond in my entire life journey.

Who would not feel self-worth at such a point of celebration?

It may even help, just a little, to add a further degree of wonder and awe as we enter into the Christian season that can still ‘ripple with great joy’ at what has happened and will happen from that tiny birth, so long ago.



  1. Connie Says: 9:50 pm

    I have a very vivid memory of the sensation of walking across a suspension bridge which I later found out was visited by my parents before I was born. The swaying back and forth, the unsteady nervousness of taking step after step, not knowing if the bridge would hold together or would drop off beneath me, is still as strong and vivid in my memory as it was when I first saw the picture of it later on when I was a child of 3 or 4. The confusion of remembering something that I was told I could not possibly remember because I was not the one that experienced it has always baffled me.

  2. Patti Jean Meehan Says: 1:49 am

    Life starts when you discover your passion. The rest is living but not life!

  3. Tricia Rose Says: 10:14 am

    I absolutely ‘knew’ the moment I was pregnant, about a week after conception – a most joyful feeling of not being alone under my skin. So who understands anything, and do we have to? Better to experience.

  4. Hope Says: 11:59 am


    Part of the answer in your question is found, perhaps, in the experience of a mother who has lost an unborn baby. Does the size of that life matter in the examination of the pain and loss felt uniquely by the mother when the baby ceases to be a growing being within her womb? I will tell you that even after a decade, I still (at times) feel a profound sense of loss of that little person who should have been joining us at the dining table or opening presents on Christmas morning. I know that I physically FELT the moment his or her soul left my body to proceed to heaven. Although a doctor would question this experience, I would disagree. Is the mystery of life related in a profound way to the mystery of death and the passage of that soul through this lifetime – not matter how long or how brief?

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