The Reflective Readers Club

Dec 09, 2016

The Reflective Readers Club


Today I have come to the end of the questions generated by Rite of Passage #19 in my book ‘Flash of Silver…the leap that changed my world’.

This will mean that we have finally reached Rite of Passage #20 and the beginning of an exceptionally dark period in my life; a time of great success on the outside but abject failure within.

I intend, as a result, to switch covering the details in my outward blog and to move our discussion to the Reflective Readers Club where it can be set against the entire story by those of you that have purchased (or won!) a print or eBook version of my story.

If you do not have a copy then please here for an link to purchase the paperback (or eBook) version of the book.

Your access to the club is gained by a code:

The number of miles travelled (without the comma). 

Paperback: Found in the last paragraph on page 397

eBook: page 453

Please do keep this code confidential. It is important that we all have the complete story in our possession as we continue the journey together so that we can gain from each other’s comments.

HOW THE RRC (Reflective Reader’s Club) WORKS

  • First you will see there are buttons numbered 1-64. These represent each Rite of Passage (chapter) in the book Flash of Silver. A ‘rite’ is our word for chapter.
  • At this time (December 2016) there are only a few members in the club because most comments have been posted in my ‘Saturday’s With Graham’ Blog.
  • Each Rite has questions that cover the issues about life that are raised by the content of the entire chapter. Having read my story, and the metaphor of the Chinook, you may wish, as many have done on the blog, to add your own experiences…especially where they may be an encouragement to those of us who are confronted with similar challenges.
  • We are here, as members, to be encouragingly honest!
  • I shall be alerted to your having left a comment and within a short time read what you have submitted. I do reserve the right to accept or decline your contribution showed in the content should, in my judgment, it cause anyone to ‘stumble, be offended, or to be made weak.’
  • You will find my comments in the ongoing journey at ROP 20 beginning on February 4, 2017.
  • There is no limit on the length of your comment. The idea is to make a positive contribution to someone else’s life. It often helps to be quite focused because most of us are often short on time!

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to each and every one of you
Much Love,

signature by Graham Kerr

P.S This week I am reading Treena’s poem End Times


  1. Emma Paton Says: 3:45 am

    Hello Graham,

    I just discovered you on twitch, watching a video you did on it back in November, so went to google to search you! I love the show but especially your positivity, I’ll be buying your books and hope to see you back on twitch soon!


  2. Teresa Rindal Says: 6:09 pm

    Dear Graham,
    I have just finished Flash of Silver and feel that I have been chatting with you again in your living room. Thank you for the wonderful evening, delicious food, and gift of your books. Your generosity in telling so many about your life has made me stop and think much more about my choices in life. Do they help others or me? Tim Keller, one of my favorite pastors and writers, says it this way, “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.” You have reinforced this concept for me. Jeff said that you are enjoying your move to Warm Beach. So glad you are on your way in a positive direction as you head “upstream”.

    Warm regards,

  3. Graham Says: 4:35 pm

    And just think…you found all those right here!!

    I once said, during a lecture, that “I suffer from analogies (and acronyms)”.

    Treena cried out in her loud voice, “you don’t suffer from them…your audience does!”

    So here is my favorite (before I read Jean’s just now!)

    C.A.R.E. Concern, Altruism, Restoration, Enthusiasm

    To have ones mind filled with a selfless devotion to someone else other than ones self (so that they can be) returned to their original design intention En theos (Greek word from which enthusiasm comes. It means ‘in God’)

    Oh how my audiences have suffered!?

  4. Jean Says: 2:03 am

    So nice Lynn – thank you. And more hopefully – Christ in me. I have many more like: FAITH – Full Assurance In Thy Help; BIBLE – Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth; PRAYER: Purposeful Requests And Yearning Endlessly Resounding; GRACE – God’s CareComfort At Christ’s Emerging; SIN – Self Indulgent Nature; JESUS – Jewish Entity Suffered Under Sin; PEACE – Pain Ends And Comfort Extends/Embeds HOPE: Happy Overjoyed Personal Expectancy; LOVE – Liking Others Values Equally .

  5. Liz Frederick Says: 6:07 pm

    Dear Graham,
    Can’t wait to begin. Loved the book and appreciate a way to start sharing with other fans. Thank you for all of the wonderful cooking shows you and Treena did for us. Appreciate you and your books. I have many and have enjoyed them all, none better than this.

  6. Lynn Severance Says: 9:25 am

    🙂 Jean – love your acronyms!
    They reflect Graham’s heart cry for changing habits that harm into resources that heal.
    Equally, if not more important, they reflect you!

  7. Jean Says: 5:32 am

    Thank you Graham & as always…Lynn! Merry Christmas, Happy Hannakuh and New Year to everyone here and behind the scenes of this wonderfully composed blog. I love creating acronyms. My favorites for BLOG are Banishing Lives Of Gloom .and Building Lives Of Goodness. So glad God has taken you from feeding our bodies to feeding our minds and spirits.

  8. Terri Hase Says: 4:09 pm

    Count me in! I look forward to it!

  9. Lynn Severance Says: 1:57 pm

    Graham, what an exciting evolving that began with your weekly blogs. Although the RRC has been in place since your website started, now others will be drawn in to have the deeper experiences that come forth from the ‘more’ that is in the book.

    I have made that ‘swim’ through the RCC and it was an amazing journey as I relived every decade of my life that sprung forth from your insightful questions. I am looking forward to swimming that “English Channel” again for it could only bring forth more insights and this time with this community of your readers that has been building this past year or so. What an exciting time for you – and ‘us’!!

    It was nearly a year ago I read the article in The Herald newspaper and ‘found you’ after so many years and got led to your website and. . .! All that has happened since then will always remain a highlight of my 2016 year. Much love and joy to you and your family as you take a holiday break. I am elated we can look toward “more’ come February.

  10. Alan Marks Says: 8:38 am

    Thank you, Graham
    I’ll be in touch.

  11. Graham Says: 8:16 am

    Dear Alan and, as always…Jean! What a swift and fabulous beginning to this experiment in depth amid our increasingly shallow world…

    My purpose in changing over to this FIRST SATURDAY OF THE MONTH (not entirely clear in my posting) is to somehow increase the level of understanding and interaction. I have gained so much from the past year but have also found it was perhaps a trifle ‘speedy’ with the subject matters tumbling over each other and some needing more attention?

    At one part in the book I describe an encounter beyond myself that said, “if you are stretched thin it could be that you are shallow”.

    Whatever else I am I really do not want to be…shallow!

    So I will keep up to date with your comments on each Wednesday by adding my own, if necessary, and launch out on new questions on the first Saturday of each month; starting on February 4th 2017.

    I do not expect this to be a large group who add comments but I am hoping for a few others who sense the need for resilience going forward in this world so often filled with harm when it could be touched with love.

  12. Jean Says: 6:49 am

    P.S. I concur Alan –

  13. Jean Says: 6:48 am

    Fabulous Graham – can’t wait! Thank you for your blessings. You are amazing. May your Christmas celebration and New year be filled with peace, joy, and palatable bliss!! Everything the Lord came to give us – “life and that more abundantly”.

  14. Alan Marks Says: 5:41 am

    Hello Graham and everyone else who might read this,

    OK, I’ve just finished my first read of this rather amazing, and frankly brutaly honest book. Bits of it brought a chuckle, some of it seemed oddly familiar to things I have done in my own life, and a great deal of it has moved me deeply. It has made me ponder,”What the heck was I thinking and where am I going in this world?” The still quiet voice in the back of my head (hello voice) goes”…and now what?…”

    I am looking forward towards joining my voice to this group and see how it goes.

    Anyone else?


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