Flying Solo

Nov 14, 2015

Flying Solo


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Travel in our modern times has become darkened sometimes with thoughts of personal security in our increasingly ‘hostile’ world.

We are encouraged to be aware of what is going on around us and to steer clear of the ‘suspicious’.

That has always been good advice, especially when it comes to the possibility of offending people whose customs may differ from ours.

This is especially important during times that there may be a ‘push back’ against what can be discerned as ‘ugly Americans’ acting in a brash, even critical manner when frustrated by some apparent lack of service to which they have become accustomed back home.

Better, by far, is to be on the look out for the kindnesses that are often extended by really lovely people who are eager to share time with someone from a far distant land.

This takes time but it is so important in our impatient, fast moving world. We need to know that all major religions for example, can in fact, practice tolerance toward one another’s faith where the commandment to “…love our neighbor as our self” is so common to so many differing codes of conduct.

I have had the great good fortune to travel widely and in doing so to have spent real time with what I might have seen as ‘foreigners’ and yet, in a short time, many have become dear friends.

To expect an olive-skinned person to be a potential suicide bomber and, as a result, to draw back from a close encounter, could become, over time, a form of paranoia that could keep good, well meaning, tolerant people….like you?….at home!

Let’s get out there, meet people, learn their customs and enjoy our diverse world.

It can be a better place if we convert paranoia into positive, enjoyable conversations.

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Israel Restoration & Wine Tour

I just received this from my dear friend Bill Sharman.  He had read my blog ‘Flying Solo’ and wanted to offer a very practical way of putting my idea into practice. I cannot go myself but have been at many of the sites he proposes and knowing his 20-year track record of loving, careful, warm and welcoming fellowship, I did want to pass it on to you. What an excellent way to live our ‘lightened’ lives in darkened times?


The inspiration for this trip comes from Amos 9:13-15, where we read,
          “The days are coming,” announces the Lord.

“At that time those who plow the land
    will catch up with those who harvest the crops.
Those who stomp on grapes
    will catch up with those who plant the vines.
Fresh wine will drip from the mountains.
    It will flow down from all the hills.

I will bring my people Israel back home.
    I will bless them with great success again.
    They will rebuild the destroyed cities and live in them.
They will plant vineyards and drink the wine they produce.
    They will make gardens and eat their fruit.

I will plant Israel in their own land.
    They will never again be removed
    from the land I have given them…”

Here’s what is in place for the trip…
Israel Restoration & Wine Tour
12-23 Feb 2016
Hosted by Bill Sharman

Touring officially begins the morning of 14 Feb 2016 –Airfare NOT included– Each traveler will make their own flight arrangements to & from Tel Aviv, Israel.

It’s recommended to arrive from overseas NO LATER than 5:30p on 13 Feb 2016

Earliest departure for leaving Israel is recommended NO EARLIER than 11:30p on 22 Feb 2016

Credit card deposit of $500 will hold your reservation (email your intent to make deposit to — I will respond with directions for the traveler to follow)

SITES (partial list)

Caesarea, Mt Carmel, Megiddo, Mt. Arbel, Magdala, Kfar, Haruv,Tel Dan, Caesarea Philippi, Golan Heights, Beit Shean, Kaser El Yahud, Mt of Olives, Garden of Gethsemane, Western Wall, City of David, Siloam Pool, Masada, Ein Gedi, Qumran, Garden Tomb, Temple Mount, Yad Vashem.

WINERIES (partial list)

Chateau Golan, Pelter Boutique, Psagot, Sea Horse, Ella Valley.


FEB 13-14, 2016 Leonardo Plaza Hotel
Netanya 1 night

FEB 14-17, 2016 Nof Ginosar Hotel
Tiberias 3 nights

FEB 17-22, 2016 Dan Boutique Hotel
Jerusalem 5 nights

$2590.00 per person sharing double room for 20-24 passengers
(price will drop if we gain more members in the group) $800.00 per person for the single supplement

Airport assistance arrival & departure. Accommodation at the above hotels (or similar) for 9 nights. Breakfast & dinner daily at hotels. All entrance fees to sites & wine tastings. Guide & bus. Tips for hotels, guide & driver. Hotel porters.

Itinerary & hotels subject to change


Bill Sharman
General Manager
5099 Royal Oaks Dr
Oroville, California  95966


  1. Jean N Sozio Says: November 22, 2015 4:21 am

    Theoretically yes; However, during the Nazi scourge of WWII there was much safety and victory in being underground. I used to wonder what are these extremists wanting from us? At first it seemed respect. Respect for decency and morality which is the purpose of religion – to forge a decent moral life promoting society – to which, yes, we have strayed gravely. And then I thought, if they are so incensed why can’t we negotiate with them? But now, with such horrid satanic brutality steadily growing it is no different than a rampant cancer or plague. We need a vaccine and we need to stop feeding the cancer triggers. We all need to listen up and examine our own conscience, our own morality, our own attitudes and we need to be sensible regarding those unable to swim upstream with the norm. Our stream has become polluted with everything and anything swirling together – sludge, sewage, and sweet water. You can’t have it both ways. We reap what we sow. It is a spiritual war we fight – it is our common enemy, satan, who is gaining ground because of what is already prophesied in God’s Holy word – the Bible : “The weapons of our warfare are not carnal”. During WWII FDR called the nation to prayer – I have yet to hear any of the world powers doing so for the sake of survival of humanity. Billy Graham kept us in check – where are the evangelists now in public crusading and preaching the good news? We have a response given to us by God: “get thee behind me satan”. It worked for Jesus – it surely should work for the rest of us. Go forth with singing praising God with thanksgiving. Ask for His mercy, grace, and intervention. That’s what the cult is doing – we must raise our voice to our “Ala” – Yaweh – Yeshua – Jesus” – “the name above every other name”. This one is beyond us alone. I’ve often wondered why Halloween is on our calendar? What hpocrites we are and the world sees this. How can we celebrate death in October, give thanks to God in November, and celebrate Jesus in December – globally??? We are so fortunate to live comfortably, free, and peaceably. We do not sleep with vipers – at least not in cages.

  2. Jean N Sozio Says: November 22, 2015 4:32 am

    The problem with vipers is that you don’t know where they are until they’re in your face or you hear the rattle of their tail. They seek an opening by which to enter in. The same with any rodent whose sole purpose in life is destruction. Not all of us on any shore are rodents and not all of us on any shore are holy. We need discernment, constant vigilance through wisdom and knowledge, and readily available deterrents and disinfectants. Cleanliness is an on-going fact of good life and living.

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