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  1. Graham Kerr Says: 9:12 pm

    Beverley, I am so pleased to hear about their longevity. They were the best I could find at the time and were made for me, to my design, in Australia -beginning in 1965. I called them the ‘Pebble River set’ there were several shades of brown that came from a mountain stream…we photographed the stones under the river water and matched the colors.
    I think you will find one occasionally being used on the Galloping Gourmet series on U Tube?

    Just glad we caught up with each other.

  2. Beverly Mlinek Says: 11:57 am

    In 1975 I was given a set of your cookware (pots and pans), as a wedding gift. The cookware lasted, the marriage did not.
    I love cooking with these pans. Clean up is so easy. I never need to use more than medium heat because of the pans’ construction. The skillet is my absolute favorite pan ever. It has served up so many family meals for my family of 5.
    I am so pleased to have found your web page so I can tell you this. The pans are brown on the outside and have black handles. The cooking service is silver color. They were made between the late 60s -1971. Do you remember them?
    The family memories of cooking with these meals is priceless. Thank you for being part of our family.
    Sincerely, Beverly

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