graham kerr's kitchen
Graham Kerr's Kitchen

Graham Kerr’s Kitchen


1994 A Mini Max Book (PBS TV Series) soft cover

“Positive creative changes in the way we cook and eat.”


Each of the 26 chapters highlights one basic cooking technique that reduces saturated fat and increases flavor. Graham illustrates this by converting viewers favorite recipes.  Professional Chefs then add their way of using the same techniques.


26 techniques fully described. 120 recipes. Menu styled contents listing.

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2 reviews for Graham Kerr’s Kitchen

  1. :

    Graham is awesome! Easy to follow recipes, great nutritional values. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for alternatives to classic recipes.
    Michael … Amazon

  2. :

    Graham shows that by going a little further in the preparation and ingredients buying of well known meals…a meal can be make not only more delicious but leaner and more nutritious.
    Steve … Amazon

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