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Graham Kerr's Kitchen

Graham Kerr’s Kitchen


Graham Kerr’s Kitchen

Many of us have familiar family favorites that we serve often. Usually we get big smiles both before and after.

We often call these nostalgic meals or “comfort food” and they tend to be quite high in salt, fat and sugar with larger portions.

I wanted to visit these recipes and use 26 techniques that I had created over the 28 years that I cooked and cared for my wife Treena. She needed fewer calories from saturated fat, less ‘refined’ carbohydrates and lots of fruit and vegetables as well as whole grains.

I asked viewers to send me their family recipes for me to ‘fix’ and then sent the reworked recipe back for their input. I had some wonderful responses and these are all in the book.

I then asked well known creative chefs to use the same techniques using their own selected ingredients –again, for every technique there is a chef’s original creation.

Good food that nourishes and delights must use good basic techniques –this book shows you how it all works.


120 recipes

26 fully described techniques

PBS TV series

A Mini Max Book

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2 reviews for Graham Kerr’s Kitchen

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    Graham shows that by going a little further in the preparation and ingredients buying of well known meals…a meal can be make not only more delicious but leaner and more nutritious.
    Steve … Amazon

  2. :

    Graham is awesome! Easy to follow recipes, great nutritional values. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for alternatives to classic recipes.
    Michael … Amazon

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