Growing at the Speed of Life

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Growing at the Speed of Life
“A year in the life of my first kitchen garden”

I am now in my eighth season as a backyard gardener and I still delight to work in the dirt and see miracles grow from seeds.

I wrote his book for potential gardeners who, like me, may have yet to find a plant they couldn’t kill…oh…except for mint and bamboo!

There is a list for what I needed to know, just to get started. Then I set out to build my first set of raised beds, a deer free enclosure and a green house.

Finally I focused upon 60 plants (that includes culinary herbs) and developed 60 mini chapters that discuss, in considerable detail, each of these ‘edibles’.

I provide my personal opinion about their uses, then comes an illustration that shows the space they each need in order to flourish.

In a box I give you the planting and care advice they need including some varieties that have worked for me.

Turn the page and there you have several recipes you can use to put your very own ‘home grown’ produce on the plate within a very short space of time!

As food goes…this is as good as it can get…and it’s also enormously creative…fun!

Here are the specifications:
168 recipes
60 (how to grow) plants including 12 herbs and edible flowers
11 culinary methods for vegetarian cooking (page 47)
12 stages of growing edibles (an understanding checklist Page 17)
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