The Gathering Place

The Gathering Place


1997 Camano Press

234 pages, full color, hardback (PBS TV Series)

“I passionately believe that the home dining table is our last remaining tribal meeting place, a place where community takes shape and hospitality beckons.”


13 dinner parties that accompany a voyage from New York to Sydney Australia. Each party delights and does less harm. Includes vegetarian options for all meals.


69 recipes, 17 useful tools, 21 techniques, 52 ingredients. Complete nutritional information for every dish.

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    The Gathering Place this is beautifully illustrated new book, provides healthy, interesting menus and recipes from around the world. The book encourages people to deliberately invite friends and family to dinner to celebrate, not only good food, but also good company, restoring the joy of living.
    – Donna Lynne Stewart and Jane Schreiber “Living Light”

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