The Gathering Place

The Gathering Place


The Gathering Place

If it has been some time since you had a fun dinner party at home with really good friends…do you find that sad?

I wanted to write a book that set out to have your guests do “two thirds of the work and to bear some of the cost.”  This tends to get a party going!

To add to the fun you can all take the BAMBI pledge; do you remember the scene in the movie where Bambi skids on ice and Thumper remains surefooted?

It’s such fun to agree that nobody tests the recipe first –you ALL set out to cook your course on the menu for the very first time. It’s a real adventure; believe me!

I also designed the food to nourish and delight within reasonable boundaries. A complete checklist of nutritional values is on pages 226 to 229.

For every meat (or flesh) recipe there is also a vegetarian alternative, so five carnivores can gather with one vegetarian and they don’t feel ‘left out’ or ‘different’!

Here are the specifications:

69 international recipes

21 culinary techniques (can be used beyond the ingredients)

52 unusual ingredients fully described

17 useful ‘tools’ to help get great results

234 pages, full color, hardback.

PBS/TV series

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    The Gathering Place this is beautifully illustrated new book, provides healthy, interesting menus and recipes from around the world. The book encourages people to deliberately invite friends and family to dinner to celebrate, not only good food, but also good company, restoring the joy of living.
    – Donna Lynne Stewart and Jane Schreiber “Living Light”

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