The Ripple Effect

Welcome, Neighbor, Let’s Talk.

I have decided to try something new….for me!

I have kept a journal for over 16 years, so that isn’t new
I have written 29 books with lots of personal lifestyle comments, so again..not new.
I have spoken out publicly  about my passion for life, again, nothing new.

Now I want to be a raindrop on a small pond that becomes deeper and deeper because you may join me with your input, one drop at a time.  I see this as my ‘two cents worth’ rather than a bucket of ‘special wisdom’ that seemingly, ( for some,) is often attached unwisely to celebrities.

The small pond I would love to help to fill hasn’t had much rain for quite a while. There has been a drought in this ‘age of indifference’ but recently there are signs of the ‘latter rain’ and there is enough collected raindrops to cause a splash and a ripple and enough drops for the ripples to overlap.

I want to talk with you about the increased consumption of plant foods…………….EAT
I want to hear what we are doing to grow edible plants for our own table…………GROW
I want to get find new ways to know my neighbors better and care for them…….GATHER
I want to give some of my plants to those less fortunate…………………………………SHARE

THAT’S IT….it’s a fairly small pool in a world full of important issues but it’s where I have made a commitment to serve, rather than to lead.

There has been a rash of criticisms leveled recently against many folks that are in the business of putting food on our tables.  We appear to be energized by this form of journalism and marketing.  I see some benefit but I also see us, as a nation, drowning under this deluge of critical accumulation.    If we are to have any hope for our future we must also, (as in deed some of the critics do,)  suggest some practical solutions.

I will avoid criticism of all kinds, it is not up to me to judge and I do not want to pull the rug out from under anyone who earns their livelihood selling goods or services that might harm others. As we correspond I should like you to consider joining me in this ‘editorial’ decision. My desire is to consider how we ( raindrop by raindrop) might do these four things:

  1. Delight and do less harm to each other
  2. Delight and do less harm to the soil
  3. Delight and do less harm to the water
  4. Delight and do less harm to the air we breathe

In my opinion we must DELIGHT, because, unless we do, nothing we attempt will last, no matter how well intentioned.

I began, on February 11 this year, to suggest the very unstructured formation of a ‘club’ that I called  ‘The Eggs Carton Club’.  It seemed clever at the time because EGGS could be a acronym for Eat,Grow,Gather,Share., and that is exactly what I would love to see happen.  The carton represented my immediate neighborhood, a metaphor for greater safety than putting all my sense of security in a giant federal basket, where, like eggs, my hopes could easily be crushed.  Better a person than a program,although I agree that the two are not mutually exclusive.  I am now of the opinion that the ‘club’ idea, no matter how flexible, was,in fact, a deterrent .   For those of you who liked the idea, please do go ahead.  I never did have any sense of ownership and always wanted to let it fly like a kite with a severed string.

All of which brings me back to today and this ‘new’ thing.

This will be about my passionate desire to make a difference without having to have any numbers to prove it’s application.  In my case this would be a major distraction and add up, once again, to a form of vain ambition that I really do want to put behind me, once and for all. I do have my own small vegetable and herb garden and I am involved in an experimental community garden with my local church.  I shall do the best I can to look after them both and let that work become the ripple that might overlap with yours.


So, Shall we Begin?

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