37. A Broad Highway

Aug 08, 2015

37. A Broad Highway


Pragmatism. Does it work? If it does, then it could be true? There are so many pathways to resolve inner pain but a few work. Have you found one that worked, for a while, but didn’t last?

A spiritual realm? Could it be that there is another reality. One that we cannot see or hear with our senses yet we know exists!

Sudden change: Everything you think you “know” about your life suddenly changes…how did it feel…at the time you first got the “news”?

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  1. Lynn Severance Says: March 18, 2016 7:31 pm

    Pragmatism: Does it work?: Thinking of this term in relationship to whether one chooses to believe in Christ or not, I have not had that struggle. I know many who do struggle. They thrash through their inner pain. Knowing Christ has not eliminated some struggles I have (had) with inner pain but walking with Him through them works to resolve or acceptance of them.

    A spiritual realm: Man has always sought for a meaning to life; to satisfy a hunger within to know its meaning. It is the spirit that is empty until it is filled with the Spirit of its Creator. Trying to fill up that empty space with other things never fully satisfies. Some stay in a checkmate stance.

    Sudden change: In the context of Graham’s story, that sudden change was in coming to know Christ and he knew beyond knowing He was real. In my own journey, I have known some excruciating changes and am grateful I had Christ to hang onto for in the whirl that tried to fling me into the depths, He was the steadfast Rock to keep me steady until the storm passed.

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