48. A Cry For Justice

Aug 08, 2015

48. A Cry For Justice


A cry for justice: It can often sound like anger or frustration…even rage but what it may well be is simply a cry for justice.  Can we try to separate the outward behavior…from the inner need…for justice?

Total loss: The choice was so clean cut. Compromise and be quiet or simply give up all we have worked for…for 16 years. Is this proof of belief or simply being stupid?

An obvious solution: Prayer may appear to be the right religious response. In Treena’s case it was the obvious response to any obstacle…totally natural and unselfconscious.  How does this begin to take place in our modern daily lives?

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  1. Lynn Severance Says: April 7, 2016 6:33 pm

    A cry for justice: To separate outward behavior (riots, boycotts, blowing up an abortion clinic (e.g.) from the inner need for justice, comes down to who is defining justice. Our current culture (and cultures of old) often define/d fairness from differing views. Any of us who sees a need for justice from our worldview needs to be clear that our outward behavior is bathed in discernment of what is realistic and possible in its outcome; not equally destructive of what we are opposing.

    Total loss: When “compromise” goes against what I have been called to do (or be) as a Christian (my worldview), I trust in God to bring me through what is “lost”. All I have has been given by him. My belief (and experience) knows He will oversee the loss and I learn who I really belong to by not compromising.

    An obvious solution: Prayer is the first place I go when confused – connecting to God who knows what He wants out of my situation. The direct route to prayer comes only through the practice of heading there fast, getting counsel from the Counselor, and never acting out of confusion but waiting on his Peace. This may come in his intervention or my certainty in knowing what action to take.

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