42. A Face Half Shaved

Aug 08, 2015

42. A Face Half Shaved


Miracles: It appears that miracles do have a way of attracting attention by meeting obvious needs. Does a miracle suggest a personal relationship has begun?

Hypocrisy: I had always been able to spot a “hypocrite”. They said one thing but often did another. This I did not want to be!

Family Weddings and Faith: When there is a union between two Christians and one family insists upon a wedding to be performed by their pastor or priest…is that a wise decision?


  1. Greg Says: October 30, 2015 7:53 am

    First, do you need to believe in miracles in order to have one happen to us? Second, how do you know if its a miracle or not. Does one know, or are we aware of things that happen in our universe that are beyond our explanations? “There are more things in heaven and earth than in all our imaginings” (some really smart guy wrote something like that once, his name starts with an S). Is that statement true? Can we expect every event that happens to have a plausible explanation? If we cant explain it, does that mean its a miracle that came from God?

  2. Lynn Severance Says: March 27, 2016 8:51 pm

    There are things and events that happen for which there is no explanation. I don’t read Graham’s question as one that expounds out to the whole universe (although to me the creation of our universe is quiet a miracle beyond my understanding). I read the question as more internal, as what happens to us personally (or to another close to us) and which cannot be explained from any human understanding. It comes in the context of the book at a time when he (and Treena) had been overwhelmed in a good way by salvation. They were not preached to, had not read the Bible, but the unmet deep needs suddenly found a place of intersection not with the universe but with the Spirit of a living God, the Author of any miracle. It is with Him that our ultimate relationship is found for who knows us better than our Creator; who can meet our needs better than the One who gave them to us. This is the real miracle. Unexplainable events that flow out of that relationship are sub miracles to the main One who is inviting us to share in His Life.

    Hypocrisy: I run from it whenever I discern it exists in a person and pray it does not exist in me in any form.

    Family Weddings and Faith: When two people marry, they do merge two families into a relationship with each other: be that good or yet to be proven good – or not so good. It all depends. My taken on this question is that if two Christians are being married, I’d hope they would want their sacred union blessed by a pastor or priest. The respective (yet to be merged families) would be wise to let the couple marry according to how they felt directed by God and go along with it whether it was to their liking or not.

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