16. A Little Larger Than Life

Aug 08, 2015

16. A Little Larger Than Life


Risk: Have you attempted something that was way beyond your experience? How did it feel at the time?

Dressing for the part: Does “fashion” matter? What is the best use of wearing clothes “suited” for the occasion?

Humble beginnings: Do you think that you were helped by having to do a job in very humble circumstances?

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  1. Lynn Severance Says: March 1, 2016 1:34 am

    Risk: What immediately comes to my remembrance is my being contracted to write and produce a series of 12 educational television in-service programs. They were to be used as training for teachers in the state of Washington running the gamut of K-12 grade levels. I had two years of experience co-writing and co-producing two educational series at Seattle’s PBS studios that were used in the Washington State elementary schools. The focus was, “career education”. In reality they were about “interdependence”, how do the jobs we do (or observe) affect us; affect others; affect our environment; allow us to applaud others gifts and talents; and can they be both helpful and detrimental ( as in areas where we focused on the environment)?

    I felt trained for the task and excited to be a part of the team. What came up to muddy my enthusiasm as I got into the fray of the project is that there was no “team”. Not in the planning and writing. I was it!! I felt confident gearing toward grades K-6 but beyond that – no experience with 7-12th grades and I felt clueless. Fortunately, when spring break came that year, a conference was in town on the subject area and it was based on a book I had found that was helping me “fill in the blanks” of my understanding. Between those two resources (among some other books) and NO spring break, I eked out the structure of how I would progress. And I did. And the technical team – finally HELP from a team 🙂 – produced the programs that summer. And I collapsed, literally, in a heap when all was completed.

    Dressing for the part: In my own life, and over the years of my professional career, there were changes in what was required in attire worn. When I began teaching we women were required to wear dresses and heels. Goodness. How did I do that?? More casual wear did come in with the creation of the pant suit for women but we were required to be coordinated in that attire. By the time I retired, attire, though nice, had become very casual. It was also comfortable, esp. for those of us who worked with young children.

    Humble beginnings: The few jobs I had before I began teaching were not what I would put in the “humble” category. They involved working with the public in retail sales but that was a joy.

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