50. A Mountain Hideaway

Aug 08, 2015

50. A Mountain Hideaway


Failure to listen: Hindsight is so easy! I had failed to listen, not just to hear but to be prepared to lean forward and pay attention and value what I was hearing! Have you missed an “option” that later has become so obviously your fault?

Discipline! What a troublesome world this is; how eager one is to avoid it, and yet, after repeated failures, there is some comfort in letting someone else take the reins for a change. Is complete submission to someone else ever a good idea?

Heresy: This was a “trickle-down” theory applied to religion. To some extent it was monastic in nature. It failed in our case. Marriage and monasteries don’t mix! Should husbands provide “leadership” in a modern family?


  1. Greg Says: November 6, 2015 7:20 am

    I don’t know how this adventure will end. Its saddening how broke Graham and Treena have become in this issue. Poor decisions? Who knows. The fact is that we all live in an economic atmosphere sustained by people other than ourselves. Im referring to the costs and profits involved in our personal economic lives. “They” control the horizontal and the vertical, we simply observe and hang on.
    One wonders how things would have turned out if there had not been a recession in progress during this time. Things would have certainly been different I think.
    I think one thing is certain. These sufferings probably strengthened their resolve.

  2. Lynn Severance Says: April 8, 2016 5:20 pm

    Failure to listen: There was one relationship I rushed into before having the right kind of time to be discerning. It “seemed” right but was so very wrong. God intervened but had He not, I was in grave danger, physically and morally (though that was not my fault). My fault was in not being more discerning. I tend to be “slow” in making decisions. Cautious. I do want that “green light” God turns on. That said, I don’t always get it right though those times are in less impacting arenas than the scenario Graham described or the relationship one I described.

    Discipline!: I don’t believe any submission that does not have God at the head of it, is ever good. I’d hope if I were in a marriage relationship, my spouse and I would be equally yoked with God as our authority. True, often one or the other person needs to step in to make a final decision but hopefully, it is mutually agreed that they do so. I know friends who got involved in the “Shepherding” movement and what disaster it brought to them and many others. We’d hope not to find that kind of deceit in our churches or in other believers. But it happens. Sadly, it happens.

    Heresy: If a husband is submitted genuinely to God as his leader (the Holy Spirit giving guidance) and if a wife is submitted to God and through Him trusts the discernment of her husband who is in submission to God, leadership about decisions could be worked out. It ties in with what I said in my response above (discipline). Are any of us perfect in getting this one right? I don’t think so but it is a goal to work toward – one God honors and one where our own learning curve is always high!

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