40. A Splash In The Face

Aug 08, 2015

40. A Splash In The Face


Inner need: There exists in all of us some “inner need” that is often hard to express in our own words. Then, in a moment we find what to say, what to express so clearly… Has this happened to you?

Lightness: A sudden shift from “heaviness” to “lightness” can get ones attention. Especially when it remains…so…fresh? Can you recall a moment of transition like this one felt like?

Delayed gratitude: Going from “lucky” to being “blessed” isn’t often an immediate response to something that goes well. Saying “Thank you” seems to take some time to express…

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  1. Lynn Severance Says: March 24, 2016 3:43 pm

    Inner need: Yes. In various settings with people in need, when writing to people or for people, or simply sitting and sharing with a friend, words flow out that nourish. They come from a wellspring deep within (both Spirit and heart) that leaves me grateful I let them flow out.

    Lightness: It can come along during a day when heaviness has been strong and after prayer (not always immediately) there is a lifting that is felt. My circumstances have not changed but God’s touch of peace is so appreciated.

    Delayed gratitude: There are times I can be caught up in a blessing and only a bit later realize I want to tell God, “Thank You!”. There are times a split second makes a difference in avoiding a potential accident. That gratitude is spoken immediately. There have been times when I look back on an event (or a relationship) that could have worked for naught – even harm – and God delivered me out of it. It is with hindsight I can deeply say, “Thank You!”.

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