15. All At Sea

Aug 08, 2015

15. All At Sea


Jealousy and desire are not unusual “bed fellows” but they are usually suffered in private. So you think they should remain so…or does it somehow help to see the survival take place?

Content with little: Early on in life’s journey we often have very little “stuff” or income. Were we happier in those “tough days”?

Creating an impression: It’s like the hand pressed into a memory foam mattress; it leaves a clear impression…for a moment and then it’s gone. I gave the impression I had been there and done that; was that a lie?

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  1. Lynn Severance Says: February 29, 2016 2:51 am

    Jealousy and desire: This questions seems in the context of the months Graham and Treena were re-establishing their relationship after the months apart, the “affair of the heart, and needing “proof of love. If I understand the question correctly, the private suffering would be the feelings within the people involved. They may or may not been directly talked about. When resolution came, perhaps it was in looking back that the steps that brought the survival become better understood.

    Content with little: My early adult years until now have remained the same in terms my frugality with the monies earned and the life style I live. I have never been poor and I have never been rich. God has always provided just enough with a bit extra and I have done my best to be a wise steward of those provisions.

    Creating an impression. It was not the truth but it may depend on how you expressed yourself, Graham. You knew the “Walter Mitty” exaggeration was taking you a bit out of yourself. Was it poetic license or imagination? Was it based only in a need to impress? It seems a bit of both. I’ll have to read on to see what was to come later!!!

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