63. Community

Aug 08, 2015

63. Community


Despondence: When the economy “tanks” it is easy to pick up on a general mood of despondency. Somehow it is the wrong direction? Does your attitude follow the Dow Jones average?

Happiness: We discovered that “happiness” results when one becomes involved with our neighbors/community and collectively aim to make a positive difference. Have you joined up with others to make life happier somehow?

Time or Money or Both: Giving is often a matter of writing a check and mailing it. Hands-on service is much more time consuming. Have you chosen to give both your time and your financial support to someone?


  1. Greg Says: November 12, 2015 11:34 am

    I can see ones attitude following the “Dow Jones”. How can it not for most people. Most people work or are employed by other people and depend on others for almost their entire existence. If one is self reliant to a great extent, the economy has a far lesser effect on them. This is very hard to do in most cases.
    As far as happiness goes, doing things for others has some sort of innate effect on one. It makes them feel good about themselves. At the same time, it does some good for our community.

  2. Lynn Severance Says: April 30, 2016 5:49 pm

    Despondence: No. I can’t say my attitude follows the Dow Jones average. I do feel for those whose lives are negatively affected with changes in our economy: those losing their jobs, health insurance and subsequently have to find a way back to security to meet everyday needs.

    Happiness: As one who lives alone, seeking and finding community is very key as is finding ways to serve. I do serve in some ways outside my home but have found a deeper means to serve online as a devotional writer for a Christian ministry whose purpose is to encourage those who live in chronic pain or other chronic illnesses – a broader world-wide community than many know exits.

    Time or Money or Both: My best friend has a ministry to women in the Congo DRC, survivors of rape warfare. She tells the story of taking some American women “of affluence” to serve and the bus came to the place they were to stay. It was dung heaps with dung huts – fly infested. A woman on the bus said, “Do I have to get out of the bus or can I just write a check?” I am able to tithe to groups (or an individual) whose work I honor. As I can I spend time with a church community and, as stated above, use the gift of exhortation God has given to me to encourage those who need a “hope-uplift”. There are ever opportunities to serve one another. It simply takes our willingness.

  3. Jean Says: August 1, 2016 12:35 am

    No – yes – yes

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