45. A Credit On A TV Show

Aug 08, 2015

45. A Credit On A TV Show


Freedom To Do…What?  I see nothing, no human experience as being wasted…all the past can help point the way to a free future. How has your past experience helped you?

Vain Ambition: …seeks to acquire opportunity to advance a personal agenda that has more to do with self than others. I was in such a status…it had to go!  Did you ever have to let go of some vain ambition?

Menu 2: It’s still alive and needed. You can find the discussion at www.grahamkerr.com/Ideas


  1. Patty (seebeck) Rogers Says: March 7, 2016 8:51 am

    Hi Graham…wanted to let you know I am currently working at Seattle Culinary Academy (Capitol Hill on Broadway). I have a name change and we have much to catch up on sense our research together with Menu2 in Spokane.
    Shall we ponder a Seattle trial?
    All the best, Patty

  2. Graham Kerr Says: March 12, 2016 5:58 pm

    Patty, Yes, by all means let’s look at another trial. The need is still obvious.
    I will be in touch. Graham

  3. Lynn Severance Says: April 3, 2016 12:10 am

    Freedom to Do. . What?:
    I have the freedom to look at my past and recognize how far God has carefully guided me: forgiven me, helped me to forgive others and myself every time that need arises. He trusts me to trust Him and I do. His steadfastness keeps me steady as it has in the past, as it does “now”, and helps me to know it will be with me in the future.

    Vain Ambition: Without God’s peace, it would have been hard to let go of my teaching career. There were important reasons for an early retirement. It was not vain ambition that caused this scene to come first to my mind with Graham’s question – rather how much I loved the job where there was no “ambition” but giving my best (my all) to those kids I loved. Transitioning to the “new” was hard but in spending time with God, He has continued to guide me into what is “next” and how the best ambition is letting him fuel the direction of the journey.

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