26. For Everything There Is A Season

Aug 08, 2015

26. For Everything There Is A Season


Anything for a buck: Our needs were so immediate that I would agree to do anything for cash. Even agree to do the impossible. Do we lower our standards in order to simply survive?

An impossible opportunity: Should one agree to a position or opportunity that we are certain that we can’t fill?

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  1. Lynn Severance Says: March 15, 2016 12:12 am

    Anything for a buck: Do we lower our standards in order to simply survive? I’ve never been in that financial situation or wondering where monies would come to allow a family to survive. But I have been in precarious physical situations where resources to survive – let alone thrive – have reached depths I would have never imagined. I could barely do the possible let alone the impossible. That had to be left up to the One who saw – and continues to see – me through the crucibles by never forsaking me.

    An impossible opportunity: I have had to be discerning when being asked to take on some tasks that I felt I was not up to. If I was absolutely certain I could not fulfill what was asked, I have had to say, “No”. Other times – when the challenge was overwhelming because I sensed a fear of failure on my part, I was nudged on to follow the nudge and believed God would close the doors if it was not part of his plan for me. In doing so, I have known the joy of His being successful, in spite of the fears that first overcame me. It has built more trust in my being able to discern “his voice” and not the fear that the success of the task was all up to me. Shaking and quaking at times until His peace descended!

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