49. Galloping Gourmet Sells All

Aug 08, 2015

49. Galloping Gourmet Sells All


Follow…where? We had been set free…to do what and to go where? How can one avoid making a big mistake with what one has left?

Fringe faith: I “heard” a really “odd” action to take that would become a future provision. I did not do it because it seemed quite silly. Should “fringe faith” ideas be more seriously considered?

The value of stuff: Over the years we had accumulated “stuff”. To come degree we treasured what we had purchased or received. When it suddenly left us…it wasn’t an easy decision to lose so much perceived value. Has this ever happened to you…did it change your future buying habits?

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  1. Lynn Severance Says: April 7, 2016 7:35 pm

    Follow where? How can one avoid making big mistakes?
    Prayer, waiting for doors God will open because his peace accompanies the opening. My retirement from my teaching career came earlier than ever anticipated – just two months notice. I had God’s peace to retire. However, with minimal nudging of what could come next, it was a very hard transition. The “next” has taken 20+ years to unfold. There have been amazing steps along the way, none of the time has been wasted. It really takes such deep faith and trust in Him to step lightly and carefully into his plans.

    Fringe faith: “Fringe faith” needs the same discernment as other choices not birthed “sounding silly”. Either one can blindside us. All I know to do is wait until peace comes and the path opens. I have heard God correctly many times and other times it was a “thought” out of my own needs that were not his.

    The value of stuff: Since 1974, I have lived in a one bedroom 760 sq. ft. apartment (truly spacious for me). Much of what had been purchased and what has accumulated is two fold: tons of “stuff” to use in my classroom (that stuff was in said classroom) and necessary amounts of things at home. Periodically, I let go of books (my passion) simply because there is not enough room to store them.

    In 2010 I had to move out of my apt. for a month so the apt. owners could do a remodel of my unit. I had to move myself and ALL my stuff out!! I downsized a lot then as I went through EVERY thing. Now – 6 years later – yeast seems to have moved back in with all my kept “stuff” from that 2010 time. 🙂 As I slowly go through my possessions again, to declutter, I am in a different place as to what is important and am making deeper cuts realizing what I no longer need.

    Unlike what happened to Graham, Treena and their family, a lot was not taken from me at one time. I am really frugal so my buying habits have not changed over the years. I am a bit more cautious with diminished retirement income and increased cost of living. It is just those dang “books” that keep luring me!

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