21. Hook, Line and Sinker

Aug 08, 2015

21. Hook, Line and Sinker


Hedonism: Such a desirable pursuit. Every bite and sip confirms the choice made was the right one. Could hedonism be an introduction to addiction?

Occupational jealousy: This could be another form of envy where a spouse or close friend is getting a great deal of attention and affection. Why is it so hard to be glad for them?

Joyless pleasure: Everything is so right, every choice is the best, so where is the joy?

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  1. Lynn Severance Says: March 5, 2016 1:02 am

    Hedonism: Hedonism focuses a person on their own pursuit of pleasure for pleasures sake. I believe it can lead to an addiction to feed on a momentary feeling – a self centeredness as one has no center of identity that steadies them. That said, even as a Christian whose center is the Lord, I can easily be pulled into wanting the “more” of life. It is a good check for me to ask myself what emptiness am I trying to fill?

    Occupational jealousy: I have experienced both for the same person or persons. For me it almost always surrounds my being single when there has been a human longing all my life to be married (this, too, “groaned” in some other comments 🙂 ).

    I am genuinely happy for the blessings in my friends’ lives: marriage, now retirement and adult kids with grandkids and having close knit beings to share life with. The other side is the reminder that I don’t have these same joys. I have joys and am genuinely blessed in my life. This “lacking for me” is not a feeling of desperation – simply a loss. I seldom dwell in it with every encounter with my wonderful friends. It can jump up and bite me unaware.

    Recently my best friend remarried after being a widow for 6 years. She had had the most amazing of soul mate marriages. She had no interest in remarrying. It snuck up on her. She had a lot of pondering and praying to do – both of them did.

    I was not able to attend their wedding but she asked me to create a playlist of music for them and the event. I had done the same for her late husband’s memorial service, having loved him dearly, as well. It was in the creating of this amazing music to help them celebrate that I was happy for them and then struck down to the core with the pain of my own barrenness in this area. Most of the time I am content. Then I get reminded. Then I surrender to what God wants for me – once again!

    Joyless pleasure: I am reminded in reading this question of the Scripture verse: “The joy of the Lord is my strength.” That kind of “joy” is not based on “feelings” although there are times genuine joy elicits it. But one can feel a lack of strength or be in pain (any kind of pain) and yet know a strength not their own but one that is upholding them. It parallels “Rejoice in the Lord, always.” He is the focus of the rejoicing or the joy-ing. It buoys one up when the challenges of life fall hard and one chooses not to turn to an “addictive potential” to satisfy the pain.

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