27. How Doth The Gourmet Gallop?

Aug 08, 2015

27. How Doth The Gourmet Gallop?


Doors of distrust:  Our extreme “busyness” helped to distract us from our mutual distrust. But it didn’t cure it! Apart from forgiveness, is there ever an end to broken trust?

Twofold Tension: Good communication, at any level, carries with it the need to “connect” with an audience. Is there a danger in using too much humor when teaching?

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  1. Lynn Severance Says: March 15, 2016 12:44 am

    Doors of distrust: I don’t believe there can be an end to broken trust without sincere forgiveness. One would always be teetering on the cusp of uncertainty wondering where the heart of the relationship (any relationship) had gone. The healing forgiveness can bring, seams up the hole restoring certainty.

    Twofold tension: If humor is being used to hide behind, meaning one is unsure of what they are teaching or of others responding to what is being taught, humor could be a mask where one hides. That said, nothing can be more delightful than a touch of humor to enliven a teaching – the best humor coming naturally out of the setting or used to highlight what is being taught.

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