36. Into The Gloom

Aug 08, 2015

36. Into The Gloom


Hope: Can often feel like clutching onto a straw just to stay afloat for the shortest time and then…who knows? No matter how fragile it might look…it just could be…the answer?

Medicated crust: Really deep unmet needs can be “coated” with a “crust” of medications. Should the crust rupture the result can be an eruption. Have you ever seen this take place?

Dancing eyes: Have you ever met someone with a very clear abundance of inner joy…that their eyes really did “dance”? Who was that? Could yours ever do the same?

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  1. Lynn Severance Says: March 18, 2016 5:05 pm

    Hope: How fragile our circumstances (or those of the ones we love) can be. We do hold onto hope, as fragile as it may be in the face of obstacles. Yet trusting in the One who holds our fragile selves and our “yet to be knowns” can bring a peace beyond our understandings. How many times I have known such times – just staying afloat while knowing I am in the right waters.

    Medicated crust: I have known those truly in need of medications as saving graces for deep chronic pain that helps them manage their lives to function. I sense that as different from those who find solace for the unmet needs Graham mentions -the healing needs only God can touch and heal. I have never know someone who “broke” as was described in the journey Treena took – first her truly needing he medications but then them taking on a life fo their own heading toward destruction. What a gracious God to deliver her.

    Dancing eyes: Oh, to know the experience of being with another whose eyes dance from that deep inner joy only God can bring – His light shining from their soul and spirit. It is especially meaningful when one has journeyed with that person through times when the spark had been dimmed.

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