29. Kicking The Furniture Helps

Aug 08, 2015

29. Kicking The Furniture Helps


Togetherness. A table is a fine symbol of family…until the chairs remain empty! Do you still have a family meal time?

A broken habit:  In one amazing moment I changed a harmful habit and have never gone back. What “few” words helped you to change?

Home to roost: Our one time “errors” have a way of coming back to haunt…or comfort us? Have you ever had to face such a moment…how did it go?

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  1. Lynn Severance Says: March 15, 2016 11:54 pm

    Togetherness: Growing up in the 40s – early 60s, there was always family meal time. After that there were family meals at holidays and other celebrations. In my early teaching years, I had roommates and we often shared meals together. As one who has lived alone for 42 years, family meal time is “just me” unless company has been invited over.

    A broken habit: There are always the good intentions to eat only the healthy foods or to exercise for optimum help. These are good habits that can slip away for periods of times. The words, “let’s be accountable to one another to stay on track” are words that help.

    Home to roost: I have made errors during my years; errors in judgement about people who turned out to be differently than expected (and most likely I was that to them). I wrote elsewhere about an abrupt departure from a dating relationship, feeling awkward about how I had handled it. That this man got back in touch with me a few years later after he had married and was back in my geographic area on a business trip, gave us a restart on what had been a wonderful friendship and to this day – 42 years later – he and his wife and (now adult) children are treasured ones in my life. Comfort.

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