18. More Of The Same, But More So

Aug 08, 2015

18. More Of The Same, But More So


Obstacles: Sometimes things get in our way that are insurmountable and we are re-directed. Did you ever have a door closed in your face…and another opened that led to a better life?

Understanding the basics…well! Basic understanding of the skills or knowledge needed for every occupation provides for a sense of security. Has this also worked for you?

Injustice: A false accusation is so unjust and screams out for justice. When justice is refused what action is there to settle the issue? Is it just “grin and bear it”?

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  1. Lynn Severance Says: March 2, 2016 10:40 pm

    Obstacles: Oh, being re-directed is the way much of my life and experiences have gone. I totally believe that God closes doors to “protect us” (if we can see it from that perspective) and then He can open the doors He wants us to walk through and therein we discover a better way, or a new way that fits with other parts of our life. Often it takes time and looking back to see clearly that perspective. But trust can build so we wait patiently (hopefully) in the rest of the musical score and know that more is to come. I have a friend who calls this, “wait training”!!

    Understanding the basics. . well!
    Hmmm – I’d say that (for me) it has been in the learning of new skills and applying them that with increasing confidence in seeing them thrive that I have felt security and a sense of accomplishment.

    Injustice: A false accusation does scream out for justice. Lying is among the wrongs others do that I find the most abhorrent. I have shared elsewhere how my father’s new wife went about – through false accusations – to have him sever his relationship with many, including his three children. I don’t believe it is a “grin and bear it” but should be addressed in an attempt for the truth to be known. However, when the parties involved in the accusation and/or the believing of it refuse to budge, one has to lean into some resolve if only knowing the truth and knowing all had been tried to set it right. I can hang on too long in the trying and, in the case I cite, God finally had to let me know, “Enough” and I could let it go. Knowing the truth is a gift one can hold onto and not be held captive by what others think or what they have done.

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