25. Once Is Enough?

Aug 08, 2015

25. Once Is Enough?


Parents: After 8 years apart we reconnect and see their need as they age. Is this a common rite of passage…to include ones “parents”?

Trust: It appeared as though there might be multiple temptations for either of us to “stray”. Can trust be rebuilt…and if so…how?

Agents: Entertainment agents profit in a percentage of their celebrities’ exposure to income. This can lead to overexposure. Is income a good way to gauge success…what else is there at the time? 

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  1. Lynn Severance Says: March 13, 2016 1:17 am

    Parents: I think, for those whose parents live a distance from them and are not able to be seen for significant stretches of years, changes in them is easy to see – the aging. When my father estranged himself from his former family after he remarried in 1968, there seemed no way to reconnect with him in person. But 20 years into the estrangement, his wife (who insisted on the distancing) wanted to surprise him on his 70th birthday by flying we three “kids” to be part of the celebration. Of course it meant the world to see him and he was surprised – too surprised to collect himself and his emotions were evident. They are the closest of moments that I can hold onto that he had been “missing us”. From those unguarded moments onward, his wife controlled the time we had with them. I hold those first moments in my heart as a time of healing for me. He is still living – age 97. My mother came home to Seattle when the marriage was over. She lived in close proximity to me, was cherished, and I have missed her deeply since her death in 2001.

    Trust: Trust can be rebuilt if both spouses want to work at rebuilding it -or so I hope it could be. It may be hit and miss as to how it is done for only the two people in a marriage are aware of what could be important to each other; the small intimate ways that communication lets them know they may be making small steps to regaining ground that they once more could walk confidently together. Not giving into temptations to continue to stray would be one major help back to a trusting place.

    Agents: I’ve not ever had large income, but certainly enough to live on. It is a blessing I don’t take lightly. Thus, it never entered my experience to have it gauge success in my life. What does? My teaching years when students thrived on many levels and, now, the numbers of them who are still in my life. One former 1st grade students (1978-79) works for the Washington State ferries and “drove this Miss Daisy” home last week when I returned home from Orcas Island! 🙂 I have loved when some students have grown up and found a relationship with Jesus and write or visit to tell me so. And within my own being, “success” is staying current with my Lord and being sure that “we” are doing fine.

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