46. Proof Positive?

Aug 08, 2015

46. Proof Positive?


Cash Flow:  Is a positive cash flow a good way to “prove” that the right choices had been made? Can negative cash flow ever be a benefit?

Deodorant of Compromise: Can we have our “cake and eat it” in order to stop “rocking the boat”? Must we seek for compromise to achieve the common good?

One Huge Obstacle: Simply no way around it but by overcoming and for this there needed to be a “season” that was yet to come. Have you ever “waited” for what seemed impossible at the time?


  1. Greg Says: November 3, 2015 6:26 am

    Answering the questions above: No, a positive cash flow does not prove that the right choices have been made. Just ask the Reynolds Tobacco company.
    On compromise: Taking the stance of “No compromises” is a little arrogant I feel. It stems from one thinking they are right about most everything. This is unhealthy and flawed thinking in most circumstances I feel. One must admit that on a logical or philosophical level there is always room for error, misunderstanding or misinterpretation. Our observations are filtered by our life experiences after-all.
    Remember the story about the three blind men describing an elephant? They are all describing the same thing but have totally different descriptions of the animal because they “felt” a different part of the animal. We do the same thing even when we can see clearly, that is, having totally different descriptions of the same thing or event. Not to mention coming away with different opinions.

  2. Lynn Severance Says: April 3, 2016 9:58 pm

    Cash Flow: I have only known the positive cash flow of having just enough (and a little bit extra 🙂 ). It has always been adequate with enough to give to others and meet my own needs. If a negative cash flow throws someone into a deeper dependence of how God will meet his/her needs, that is a benefit – esp. if that dependence on him opens new and fresh ways to use their talents.

    Deodorant or Compromise: I’ve never been in a work situation such as Graham described that he and Treena faced. It would take deep discernment (and coming against spiritual warfare) to reach what is the best for the positions one holds most dear – the no compromise position.

    One Huge Obstacle: There are many situations I have been in (and some I continue to face) where waiting has seemed impossible as to what the outcome will be. A good friend of mine calls such times “wait-training” where we are totally thrown into the arms of the God of the impossible and what He wants as the outcome.

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