60. Pulling A U-Turn

Aug 08, 2015

60. Pulling A U-Turn


Outer image: Does one’s appearance matter when it is more a matter of “content”? Do you think that your chances of success are improved by what you wear?

Fast U-turns: It’s relatively easy to let circumstances lead us to pull fast changes. It’s harder…but better (?) to slow the process down as much as possible. Have you ever made a slow (extended) U-turn? How did it play out?

Depth of understanding: I wanted our viewers to get enough real understanding and not just “skip” something by them. Has speed robbed us of our “depth” of understanding?

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  1. Lynn Severance Says: April 26, 2016 2:38 pm

    Outer Image: One’s appearance could reflect an inner content – or contentment. It is best when it does. “Dressing for success” may have its best chance for “success” if one is in costume participating in a theatrical performance!

    Fast U-turns: A one split-second turn when awaking one morning in 1983 has remained a U-turn in my life. It left my body in a state of vestibular dysfunction (constant internal slow spinning vertigo) that has never resolved. I’ll spare you a litany of related side effects. That is the “harder”. The outcome: total dependence on God’s strength and faithfulness to persevere and function. That is the “better”. Actually, that is the “best”!

    Depth of Understanding: I feel our current generation, because of where our culture finds itself in such a fast paced way of living, has few opportunities (or recognizes opportunities) to develop face to face relational skills. The blitz of dependence on social media and peer related status has the same “skipping” analogy Graham experienced in what he was trying to accomplish. There is a depth of needs that, sadly, may never be addressed and it in turn will have its own rippling effects on our society.

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