56. Replication?

Aug 08, 2015

56. Replication?


Over-extended: when “cheap money” fuels a “bubble” it is often followed by a drastic change in the economy where everyone suffers. Our small work failed. Did you also fail in a recession? Did it lead to something better?

Presumptive health insurance: We couldn’t afford health insurance so we presumed that our miracle of the past would simply continue. It didn’t. Have you “presumed by faith” and suffered adverse consequences?

Commerce and Christianity: We were taught how to make good business practice provide for better-administered service to others. Is “business” a good template for spiritual action?

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  1. Lynn Severance Says: April 17, 2016 5:20 pm

    Over-extended: The recession did not affect the nominal but sufficient monies I have. I was affected in general as the economy plummeted and cost of living increased. Something better? More gratefulness in how God graciously takes care of me.

    Presumptive health insurance: I am grateful for adequate health insurance. It is a blessing I do not take lightly. However, in 2003 I “presumed in faith” a healing plan a neurologist offered to my (then) 20 year journey with vestibular dysfunction. His case stories filled me with thanks to God for bringing this man into my life. A year and a half “into his plan”, it proved the opposite effect than hoped for. My body plummeted having lost its compensating mechanisms that had helped me to function at a level that was “doable” though still challenging. Slowly, over these 11 years, God has restored but not fully to the level I was before. Yet the time in the wilderness with Him birthed an online ministry to others. Adverse consequences? Not when His glory can shine out of adversity and deepen my faith and dependence on Him.

    Commerce and Christianity: If a business has the anointed template of God’s design on it (and often we can get that wrong), I’d move as I felt the Holy Spirit guiding. I have never had a “business” that needed to ferret out the type of circumstance and leading Graham described but the principle applies in all areas of one’s life. “Life” is the business of doing what we are called to do and it becomes a journey in learning to trust even when we end up making the wrong call ( see my experience above with said healing plan of a neurologist ! ).

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