54. Resilience

Aug 08, 2015

54. Resilience


Resilience: Even after a major, bruising “fall” we have this remarkable ability to heal, if we make every effort to let resilience have its way. To be quiet and wait? Have you received a “healing” by simply waiting for it?

Privileged: In my mind I was “privileged” when I was chosen to explain complex theology on the BBC world service. Not everyone gets that kind of opportunity! Have you been chosen to do something that most folks are never asked to do?

Plainly stated: Our future was now stated in just eight words with a two word “title”. Would it help us to succeed? Can we be convinced by a slogan…doesn’t it take more than that?

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  1. Lynn Severance Says: April 14, 2016 2:15 am

    Resilience: I have experienced healings that came quickly. Some healings have taken time to be completed. Faith is resilient steadfastness when waiting. I have surrendered the desire for healing yet to come, persevering with trust that God brings good out of affliction. I also believe that in one instant that healing could come from him. Faith. Resilience. Perseverance. Surrender. Trust. All are gifts He gives.

    Privileged: I have been asked to do something I never expected I would do!! It then became a privilege for me even though others may have also been asked to be thus involved. One example (there are others) comes to mind. I was one of nine primary grade teachers in the United States asked to meet with the editors of the Scholastic magazine weekly newsletter used in schools. It came in an instant that shocked me as much as what Graham expressed when asked to go and talk to the BBC. I was flown to New York City (from WA state). Someone else paid for it all? Right! How unique! I met 8 other educators. We were treated like royalty! I stayed in this “just right” room at the Algonquin Hotel ( old haunt of those who eventually founded the New Yorker Magazine). I opened my mouth when among said editors and and fellow educators and somehow spoke – hopefully words that were helpful!

    Plainly stated: A slogan birthed with the right mission becomes a cornerstone that can bring change if one implements the slogan.

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