51. Retracing Our Steps

Aug 08, 2015

51. Retracing Our Steps


Back to school: One clear option in the modern world of “discontinuity”, where our past career plans no longer work, is to seek retraining in an apparently more rewarding occupation. This we sought to do. Have you changed direction and been retrained? How did it work out?

Rules and rebellions: Often we see “hard and fast rules” being the root cause of rebellion…private, domestic and even social. Have you ever experienced a rebellion caused by religious rules?

Culinary Compromise: I did what I thought was best for those I loved and failed to give them “options” or room to play. In the end I gave in and let them have what they wanted. Can such a compromise eventually work out for everyone’s good?


  1. Greg Says: November 6, 2015 7:37 am

    Regarding whats healthy and not healthy, its sometimes a matter of what science has discovered regarding the varying effects of the food we eat and its influence on our bodies. These change and have changed in the past. Remember when eggs were bad for you? Now they are not so bad. And in the next few years there will be findings that animal fat is not so bad for you after all. The discovery that the multitudes of carbohydrates in our processed foods is where the major problem lies. These carbs can “wear out” some processes that our bodes use to keep us healthy.

    In regards to rebellion; Religion is used often as a tool of control. Some believe that the Bible was written for just this reason, to control the masses. Maybe this was very necessary back in those days. The fact remains that we all carry with us an ego that resists our being controlled by another. We must have a least a say in our disposition and actions. Whats so wrong with an enema anyway?

  2. Lynn Severance Says: April 10, 2016 1:18 am

    Back to school: During my teaching career, I was (seemingly) always taking post graduate courses for it was the only way to move “up” a step in pay, though not as much as it cost for said classes. It took a high accumulation of credits to reach a next level. My early retirement came for different reasons than what Graham, Treena, and family experienced in the “discontinuity” of monies on which to live. I would have continued teaching had that been possible. I have enough monies for a frugal and good life. Yet there is a need for a meaningful life – not necessarily with monetary reward. God has opened doors for me that have been a “retraining”, not only in discovering new ways to trust and depend on him, but ways of serving him – the best reward any of us can have.

    Rules and rebellions: I have experienced rebellion of God’s rules in a “religious” church setting. The one in “authority” took it upon himself to reinterpret Scripture. A third of the church members got up and left immediately. A few of us stayed on hoping to make a difference for the good, especially in the lives of our young people. Some did listen and heed but there was no moving the pastor from his stance and I, too, ended up leaving.

    Culinary compromise: When given options, I then become responsible for the choices I make. As I read of Graham’s desire to create better food choices for his family, his intent was so very right. It was a new direction for everyone. He realized later there could have been a better way to ease his family into the change. Was that really failure or a means for each one making the choices to learn the outcome of what those changes were to bring?

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