64. Return To The Redd

Aug 08, 2015

64. Return To The Redd


Slow down to do what? Slowing down makes so much sense in our ever speedier world but slow down to do what?  Surely, as we have the time to ponder…we may become aware of a new, bold, focus and purpose for living? Have you found renewed purpose after taking the time to slow down?

Neighbors: We can catch up on the world news in just one keystroke but what do we know of our neighbors and their needs of us?  Are you somehow “connected” to your community and aid its resilience?

Answers and Awareness: In our case we believe the answers we have received from one small voice amid all the babble of our times. Our lives reflect that belief…at least we hope they do. Does your life reflect your awareness of what you have come to understand as the truth?


  1. Greg Says: November 12, 2015 11:51 am

    Albert Einstein once said “The answer to everything can be found deep in nature”. The slower you go through life the more detail you can see, like driving slow, you can make out more of the scenery. In going slower, taking in more, you learn more. Your purpose in life may appear more clearly to you.
    The major benefit to churches in my opinion, is the fact that they are at the very least, meeting places for neighbors. A neighborhood is one of the most important social foundations we have. The foundation of that being the family unit. Both are essential to the survival of our society.
    Answering that last question; My life reflects my awareness of what I have come to understand as the truth. But, I have bounced these beliefs up against logic, reasoning and history. I do not and cannot simply listen and follow a group of like minded people and believe what the common ideas may be because several people believe in them.

  2. Lynn Severance Says: May 1, 2016 2:52 pm

    Slow down to do what? My “slowing down” was not of my choice but I did have the choice on how I’d let God use it – use my being set apart. As the Author of each of our recorded days, He did help me to discover his renewed purpose(s) for me.

    Neighbors: I am “connected to my community” as best I can be showing them not only my own resilience (and its Source), but helping them discover theirs.

    Answers and Awareness: I am continually dependent on the direction of the Holy Spirit’s guidance and strength. I have chosen to be in a covenant relationship with God and entered his Triune dance. I am not going anywhere unless his steps lead me where He wants me to be. I pray my life reflects this choice.

  3. Lynn Severance Says: May 1, 2016 2:54 pm

    The end of this stream. . .Thank you Graham for writing this book and creating a Reflective Readers’ Club for those of us who choose to get INTO the water. Through your insightful questions I have had the opportunity to swim through the years of my life. It has been a wonderful experience spanning each decade from my childhood and now into my 70s. For many chapters I have been the only one in this part of the stream. That is okay. God has used this reflection time in solitude with him to experience gratefulness and get some hydration as He beckons me to a new stream, the one just up around the bend!

  4. Jean Says: August 1, 2016 12:31 am

    Slowing Down – As Lynn states – the Lord orders our steps. 21 years ago in His wisdom, not ours, set us apart by moving us from suburban living to agricultural living on 6 acres of wooded land. It has been the greatest adventure and fulfillment of our lives. On our own we would have never known this to be our true destiny. For the first 7 years we spent every spare moment working together clearing land, grading soil, etc. to establish our homestead and farmette. This labor of love replaced vacations and other suburban activity now 30 miles away. Pioneering was in our souls as the Lord knew He created in us and for us. Amen to the slow life.

    Neighbors – Our neighborhood is one of pioneers. Initially we were all first time landowners. Ours is a rural/farming area to which one becomes a part from intention and purpose rather than mere living space. Thus we all have a natural tendency to respect each other, help each other, support each other, bless each other. They are the greatest people in my life.

    Truth – Just today I have broken through a stronghold in my life of offense. I have a tendency to be like Peter in the scriptures – righteous indignation – easily offended. But today I finally managed to realize – “just don’t care”. Offenses are mere flaming arrows of the enemy of our souls. By not caring about them – not letting them burn and fester – I am so much more stable, peaceful, relaxed, free. It has taken a long time to get here and through many hurdles and pitfalls but somehow God has graced me with the strength to look potential offense square in the eye and say ” so what”? “Big deal”. “No more”. Ahhhh…..

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