28. Serious Eating

Aug 08, 2015

28. Serious Eating


Along for the ride:  We were “forced” to move closer to our recording studios…as an entire family! Do frequent career based location moves create insecurity…or is this a benefit for the children’s worldview?

Rewards for the effort: When there is no longer any real time to enjoy the rewards for effort –what is there that keeps one going…what was your reward during a tough schedule?

Celebrity: Birds of a feather? Is the very exposed lifestyle of the celebrity a kind of glamorous ghetto into which one is forced to retreat from the “general pubic”? 

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  1. Lynn Severance Says: March 15, 2016 11:18 pm

    Along for the ride: My father was a career Marine so my growing up years meant we moved almost every summer and, obviously, we “kids” would enter new schools and begin the process of making new friends. Not knowing another way of life, I don’t recall the moving around to be a hindrance. It was our way of life and seeing a lot of the United States gave me a love for various locals that remain close in heart to this day. That is my perspective looking back.

    Rewards for the effort: I certainly had challenges when teaching, and deadlines of sorts, but the rewards were there everyday in the light of my students’ eyes as I watched the love of learning ease into their being and the love of being the one nurturing them was all the reward I needed.

    Celebrity: Not having been a celebrity, and only knowing that life style from looking “in” via what is seen of it by we non-famous folks, I think the the profession of “celebrity” could make for a very isolated life. Those so “celebrated” would flock together out of sheer need, hoping to be understood (if there was time for such connection).

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