55. Sidetracked For A Season

Aug 08, 2015

55. Sidetracked For A Season


After the bruising: Following an accident and physical bruising one is often told to “rest” and let the body heal itself…over time. The same advice also seems to work for spiritual setbacks. Do you agree that “getting back on the horse immediately” need not be the best advice?

Opposition: In commerce, politics and media issues we can expect opposition from competitors…it’s a fact of modern (and ancient) life. Do you think there is also “spiritual opposition” and if so, how best to try to overcome its hindrances?

Great goals: Some folks are destined for “greatness” they declare their goals and inspire millions to follow. The rest of us should, perhaps, be less confident? By over declaring our big goals, are we inviting ridicule?

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  1. Lynn Severance Says: April 16, 2016 1:47 am

    After the bruising: I believe that when a time of spiritual bruising or a set back in understanding occurs, it is best to get alone with the Lord and “together seek a place of understanding of what lesson is to be learned. I’d wait for peace to proceed. It would be his peace and a sense of clear direction if not a clear understanding of his outcome. He most often leads step by step and stepping back for good reasons is still a “step” in the right direction.

    Opposition: If a person steps into the light of acceptance of Christ as Savior and enters into a personal relationship with him, he no longer is sitting on the sidelines of life. He is in a battle where spiritual warfare is real and the enemy is always lurking. I know, for me, I have to recognize the attack for what it is. This is not always easy as it can be subtle. Once recognized, best to not engage any of it but run into the reality of our Redeemer’s light to get away from the darkness. It never gets easy, but having a plan and knowing where to head to the One who already won the victory is the best direction to take.

    Great goals: I am one who has had big dreams but realistic goals. I have a big God who often has had bigger goals for me and led me into them. . .most often with me dragging my feet lacking confidence only to have his show up and prove himself right.

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