32. The Big One

Aug 08, 2015

32. The Big One


Acquisition: The yacht was to be the largest single acquisition of my life. Was this a reward…or an opportunity? Is such a purchase ever a “good” thing?

Example: I was greatly motivated by a famed yachtsman sailing a sister vessel “single handed” around the world. Have you ever gone way beyond your own ability because of the example of someone else?

Fear of the unknown: Treena’s cancer scare overtook everything. The relief on hearing all was well was overwhelming! Have you also experienced this sudden burst of joy? 


  1. Hope Says: October 3, 2015 5:25 pm

    I had a cancer scare this year. Although it, too, was negative. The 10 months of testing was unnerving – to say the least. Every time they did a test I would think, “This is it! We will get definitive answers this time.” And each time, they said, “Well, this showed us some more information, but we must wait and repeat the test in six months.” I learned SO much about God’s peace and REALLY understanding that God has my life in his hands at ALL times. I am more at peace now with His plans for my life.

  2. Lynn Severance Says: March 16, 2016 4:35 pm

    Acquisition: It is hard for me to know if you (Graham) saw this as a “reward” for all the hard work (and soul-aches) up to this point in your life. Money was there for the purchase (a plus – not going into debt). It was also an opportunity to attempt to gather your family together in hopes of healing the chasms that had developed. Depending on the outcome of said hopes, a purchase can be a good thing. All factors seemed within reason ( time, money, purpose). As has been discussed in other questions/responses: being as clear about our motives for large changes (or purchases) is important. I do not sense from where you (Graham) are in your life now that such an extravagant purchase is how you’d want to put your time, talent and monies. That you did “then” seemed to be steps towards a place God wanted you to sail and find port in the days ahead. I sense Him navigating those “yacht choices” you made.

    Example: I have gone way above what I “thought” were my abilities as others beckoned me seeing talents I had yet to discover about myself. It was risk-taking well rewarded and I am so happy I said, “Okay, feeling You nudging me Lord. Let’s go! “

    Fear of the unknown: I believe at the root of all fears is that something looms ahead and is unknown. There is “turmoil in our temple” with all the what ifs that arise. Those feelings are real and we each live within them until we “know” – when the unknown becomes known. I am a cancer survivor (now nearing 29 years) and what a miracle story it is. But I had to walk out the steps from awaking from a surgery to the news – then shock – then God coming in to reveal his gracious plans. Both scenarios are overwhelming: relief that a potential diagnosis is not as thought and taking God’s hand and letting Him walk us through “the overwhelming” with His steadfast calm. “Joy” as relief. “Joy” in experiencing HIs strength in weakness”.

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