30. The Broken Wooden Spoon Award

Aug 08, 2015

30. The Broken Wooden Spoon Award


The use of wine:  I’m often told that members of my audience used to drink along with me in those days…might I have been the unwitting prompt of a difficult addiction?

Endorsement: Every time I gave my endorsement to a product I thought that it diminished my “authority” as and “expert”. Do you think less of people who do such advertising? 

Thank You:  Are there people whom you have left behind that would be happy, after so many years, to receive your gratitude for the help they gave to you?

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  1. Lynn Severance Says: March 16, 2016 12:07 am

    The use of wine: It is possible that such viewers were influenced by Graham’s drinking on his show(s). However, they also had the choice to not have it become an addiction unless they were already addicted and it gave them an excuse to “slurp along”.

    Endorsement: I think you (Graham) see your time of endorsing items you may not have believed in as diminishing your mail profession in the culinary world. Those who admired you would be influenced positively. I don’t think less of celebrities who do endorsements. I see it as just another acting opportunity for them.

    Thank you: As I was recently posting about my teaching years, I wish there had been some means to thank teachers who were influential in my life – or I came to see their influence as I matured. Moving so often to different geographic areas, it was not easy to stay in touch with them. And once old enough to consider getting in touch, they were hard to find. There was one teacher I tried to track down but it was not successful. I know the joy I feel when former students return to share with me. Those are golden moments.

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