39. The Flash Ahead

Aug 08, 2015

39. The Flash Ahead


Invitations: I’d had invitations to visit other people’s churches in the past. I said, “no” because that was my day to rest. Have you used that as your reason to avoid going?

Worldview…is used to explain the way we “look” at things going on about us. Mine changed radically over dinner that evening. Can you point to a single event that may have altered your worldview?

Observing without being observed! I was a “fly on the wall” I had nothing at all to say or contribute…nothing. Is such silent observation a good time to gain a “new” revelation?

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  1. Lynn Severance Says: March 21, 2016 12:36 am

    Invitations: I was raised in the Catholic church, the faith of my mother. My father remains an unbeliever to this present day. He did honor his wedding vow to have any children raised in the faith of my mother. One church teaching (not to be confused with Jesus’ teaching) as I was growing up is one never set foot in church that was not a Catholic church. That is no longer a teaching, thankfully. Being so indoctrinated, it is hard to remember as a child what on earth may have happened dare we cross such a threshold. I grew beyond that ‘mandate” and it was in meeting other Christians who studied the Bible that I stepped away from the Catholic church to gain more personal knowledge of the Bible. It was a worthwhile step in so many ways. I find myself ecumenical having been a part of various Christian churches – some have split or made changes that had me going elsewhere to worship. Ironically, I now spend part of “church time” back in a Catholic church facilitating Bible studies!

    Worldview: I have known events that deepened my Christian walk which has always been my worldview. In the early 70s I became aware of the teachings of the charismatic gifts which added depth to my walk. In fact, most experiences (especially ones of deep challenges) I have found deepen a walk with Christ as I comes to need his strength which the world cannot give – but He surely does.

    Observing: I am reminded of a verse in Isaiah: ““In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and in trust shall be your strength.” Silent observation when with others and not feeling I “fit in” can have various ramifications depending on what I am observing. In the context of this story from your life, Graham, it was a fertile time for the Spirit to work as you were a silent observer. Living alone I am “always” in the quiet but I am not necessarily quiet as the world can invade my thoughts or my own questing for answers from the Lord can get caught up in internal distractions. When God can break through, be I alone or with others, that is sweet refreshment. Silence then can be considered, “golden”.

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