17. The Helpmate

Aug 08, 2015

17. The Helpmate


Imposter syndrome: Success due to “luck” not talent or skill? Have you ever felt this unsettling response? How did you deal with it…or did you also become “boring”?

Enthusiasm: Is this form of enjoyment in ones occupation actually “entertaining”? Can it wear thin…eventually?

Resistance: Have you ever been asked, by an authority figure, to take on an unwanted task; you did it and it turned out great?

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  1. Lynn Severance Says: March 2, 2016 9:42 pm

    Imposter syndrome: “success due to “luck” not talent or skill?
    I cannot say I have experienced this as it is expressed. There were times during my career years I found, in taking some risks, that I was successful in learning a new skill that made my teaching ongoing and creative.

    Enthusiasm: I was never intentionally going for “entertaining” when I was teaching. It was so much fun, though!! 🙂 However, the challenge of finding creative ways to present lessons and follow up activities drew upon talents I loved to use and joy was an outcome with enthusiasm. I think the nature of television, as was Graham’s means to teach, has an expectation from viewers that they be entertained, even if they are learning something in the midst of it. I believe, ideally, it can be a balance of being real and entertaining with genuine enthusiasm that comes forth naturally from the teacher and recognized by the viewers.

    Resistance: I cannot recall being asked by an authority figure to take on an unwanted task, agreed, and it turned out great. I have mentioned taking on tasks where I felt uncertain of my own ability to reach the goal and was delighted when it was successful.

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