59. The Irritant

Aug 08, 2015

59. The Irritant


Core Purpose: Our Mini-Max idea was designed to minimize risk and maximize flavor. It was less entertaining than my Galloping days and years ahead of its present day popularity. Did you have a great idea that was ahead of its time?

Snapping point: Very little of benefit ever comes from impatience! I had finally had it and went to the courts to defend myself. Nobody, eventually, won! Have you avoided litigation by being restrained and patient?

Reconciliation: We reached a settlement but not reconciliation. I deeply regret that fact and should have made an attempt. Is there still time for you to seek for reconciliation with someone who was once a “good” partner?

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  1. Lynn Severance Says: April 24, 2016 10:29 pm

    Core Purpose: your Mini-Max approach to healthy eating was years ahead of what is on many shows and shelves today. It still holds value to any who use it. Hmm – me with a great idea ahead of its time? For me it is still a passion of an idea, implemented and begun that got cut short but may have life in it yet if God directs. It got short circuited when I did – zap – but time will tell if I can revive it as God revives me! 🙂 I heard this great saying one time which has stayed with me and does make sense. “The opportunity of a lifetime needs to be taken during the lifetime of the opportunity.”

    Snapping point: I have never been in a situation that needed litigation. However there are times of impatience that need “personal litigation” to walk though the feelings it brings to bring so ones actions don’t harm oneself or others. It is okay to have feelings of impatience or any of the other feelings we each are prone to. It is letting them rule us that needs attention and I do have some areas that can sneak up on me and need attention.

    Reconciliation: I’d like to believe there is time to reconcile with people who have walked out of my life and I don’t know why and they refuse to tell me. I just keep loving them whenever I can and yet there are times real sorrow erupts and frustration accompanies it.

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