33. The Long Road Home

Aug 08, 2015

33. The Long Road Home


Firebreak change: Have you ever experienced a major lifestyle change (of location etc.) that helped you to achieve a beneficial habit change?

Aground: We ran aground in just the right place. Some call this serendipity; others pre-ordained. Has something like ours ever happened to you?

Last laugh: It was a “fun” idea that went way beyond anything I have ever wanted or imagined. Did you ever have a “fun” idea…completely take over?

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  1. Lynn Severance Says: March 18, 2016 12:04 am

    Firebreak change: I have read this question a number of times and can’t come up with a time in my life where it applies. I have had major lifestyle changes in locations but can’t pull up that those changes brought about a habit change. That was not their intent although there are habit changes that come about for others due to such changes.

    Aground: Running aground and then experiencing a key life change marks a spot where we are forced to stop and subsequently, if quiet, are called to listen for the next steps. In the early 80s I was hit with extreme fatigue and there was no medical cause for it. I finally took two sick days from work which also were timed going into the weekend (4 days in all) . My purpose was to get alone with the Lord to seek counsel. I was not even “doing” anything but getting up from my couch when I heard His voice, “I want you to change grade levels.” (teach a different grade). At first it was beyond me to understand, but when I did, all the fatigue I had been feeling lifted. I had been so close to the love of teaching, I had not recognized burnout at the grade level where I had been for some years. God had to get my attention in order to lead me ahead.

    Last laugh: I have had some new directions take me to places of fun and joy but I don’t recall them beginning with a “fun” idea (if that means just a lark of an idea).

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