47. The Missing Credit

Aug 08, 2015

47. The Missing Credit


Miracle or money: We chose to go with the miracles and, as a result, avoided the possible life long occupation as a semi-fast food restaurant owner. Was this somehow pre-ordained? Was the door shut for us, no by us?

Creative Source: It’s so easy to be pleased by ones apparent talent and so it’s hard to consider that all one does is…a gift, over which we have scant control or ownership. Does it help to be less impressed with personal achievement?

Vulnerable to violence: If “everything” can become new…could it be that we may become, in our new “innocence”…more vulnerable to being shocked by violence and pain caused by others?

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  1. Lynn Severance Says: April 5, 2016 12:45 am

    Miracle or money: I know in my own life there has been intervention (various ways) when a direction I was headed was not the best. I often saw that in hindsight. I believe if I bring a matter to God so He can be a part of my decision, He will honor my seeking with his counsel.

    Creative Source: It helps to know the source of my gifts/talents and give thanks for them. I believe God smiles on my efforts to use the gifts He has given to me. With both pleased, there is an affirmation of a work well done. I recognize any accomplishment was not reached with my solo efforts.

    Vulnerable to violence: With God’s Spirit alive in me, I can choose to see and hear anew. The evil that pervades our world, once not recognized as deeply, now rears its ugliness and I recognize it for what it is. Evil remains evil. Any of us, being reborn/renewed, come closer to seeing as our Creator does. He did not create evil. He created us to come against it as best we can.

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