10. The Oceans Beckon

Aug 08, 2015

10. The Oceans Beckon


Working with parents: It’s not always a good idea…did you begin this way…how did it turn out for you?

First “leap” forward: It’s called a BIG BREAK! Did you have one that advanced you well ahead of your peers? Was there a difficult consequence?

Confrontations: Were you ever forced (by circumstances) to confront someone else when the outcome appeared to be questionable…even dangerous?


  1. Bluefish62 Says: January 13, 2016 7:28 pm

    1. No, I never worked with my parents, but I think I might have enjoyed it? Who knows! I certainly didn’t want to leave home!

    2. No, once again. I believe I am NOW experiencing my big break. It’s about time already! Up until now, I’ve clawed and scratched, especially with having such a mobile and hectic military life. Hence why I believe timing is so important and now I do believe, it could be my time. But only “time” will tell. 🙂

    3. Wow, another difficult question. I am basically a non-confrontational person. I have a strong opinion, but if faced with a fight, I typically back off. It’s scary to me for some reason. I’ve learned now to face confrontation a bit better with age but in reality, I still retreat, on many levels. Most of my life I’ve been the life of every party, the extrovert, the seemingly happy person. The reality is I’ve always felt alone and strange. Like no one wants to or will ever understand me. I felt I’d always be alone and never marry. But after I was married I felt somewhat normal for about 13 years. But that ended and now here I have been again since then. Lost and basically alone. Just as I always predicted in my early 20’s. Alone again….naturally.

    I was in law enforcement (criminal justice) for 2.5 years where I encountered individuals on a DAILY basis that were dangerous. Literally! In fact, we were told never to position our desk between the “defendant” and office door. If they wanted to bolt, let them. As opposed to getting strangled you know. Also, we were to have no blunt objects on our desk or within reach that might be hurled toward us in a moment of anger. Thankfully for me, this never happened. I was, after all, the most loved and favorite PO in all the county. 🙂 I was even asked on more than one occasion “can I ask for you if I go to jail?” I actually loved the counseling part of my job and met some amazing human beings. We have all been in bad places and had it been another day, I might have been on the other side of the desk. I gave grace to all and judged no one. I was no better than anyone else. As I remain to this day.

    One last note. I’ve allowed several men to verbally and emotionally abuse me during the past 17 years and just simply brushed it off. Some bordering on physical abuse as well. Justifying instead of confronting them. It just never seemed like an option. I guess I figured I deserved it. Which is another question with a very detailed and long answer. Right?

  2. Lynn Severance Says: February 26, 2016 4:00 pm

    Working with parents: That was not an option in my life. My father had his military career. My Mom was a stay at home wife and mother as well as duties – volunteer ones – that came with being a military wife.

    First “leap” forward: I never recall being advanced beyond my peers. I had the privilege of some special recognitions during my teaching years and loved my work. I was content doing what I did each day. I was fortunate to be with co-workers who were cheerleaders of one another and all efforts. I did respond to opportunities that came to me in the educational field – and grew from stepping away from classroom work for two intervals of times.

    Confrontation: I am someone who finds confrontation “iffy” for my experiences with it is that the other person involved just walks away and there is no discussion. I definitely believe and am open to confrontation when it is important in a relationship to clarify any matters that have affected it negatively. The hardest thing is to be left “hanging” when I have tried and what was a needed bit of input is never received – or difficulties worked through.

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