58. The Penultimate Plan

Aug 08, 2015

58. The Penultimate Plan


A simple request: It began simply enough but it had a life of its own when once the “profit motive” was embraced by all. Did you ever decide to “go beyond” your well-considered plans and did that result in a situation like ours?

Dependency: We began our return to the media as a way to be free of the need to be supported as a non-profit. Our choices led us into a total dependency that held us up for many years. Have you ever felt such a sense of obligation? How did you get free?

Lighting strikes…twice? Our early success became everyone’s expectation. I was apparently the same man…but what I now did was so different! Can “change” sometimes mean that we are less successful?

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  1. Lynn Severance Says: April 22, 2016 1:54 pm

    A simple request: Whew! The Kerr family’s life experiences are one cliff hanger after another as I read through this book. I have had some plans cut short before they began. I have not had any circumstances where “$$ profit” was a motivation that fueled any plan. I have not been in a situation such as is described in this part of your “streamlined” story.

    Dependency: I have not had the experience of needing to be free from a dependency to keep $$ coming in even though income is necessary to live. Working in the industry of the media that had become a means of income put the stakes high and conversely, caused the long but hard won victory. Certainly it became a journey where dependence on the Lord deepened trust and hope in him, although He eventually used others to bring this journey’s part to its conclusion.

    Lightning strikes. . .twice? In the light of other’s expectations (the lightning) and your spiritually based message (renewed vision) it seemed a perfect storm for “success” having differing definitions. You brought the same talents and creativity yet with new purpose and fervor to succeed in God’s eyes and, hopefully, touch others who could recognize the vision to accessing better health. Media regulations prevented the fuller depth of expression. That does not necessarily mean the message did not get out to those needing it. It found its way and, even now, God continues to use your creativity, background and willingness as you follow his lead!

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