22. The Pursuit Of Pleasure

Aug 08, 2015

22. The Pursuit Of Pleasure


Inner pain: It is centered mid-chest. It is a dull nagging. It feels artificial. It absorbs joy completely. Have you ever been there?

Deadlines: Success comes with its necessary demands. Often this requires long hours to meet specific goals (deadlines). Do such demands affect the quality of ones work?

Too complicated: I set myself up for exhaustion. I made what I did too complicated. Life could have been so much easier! Are we our own hardest taskmasters?

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  1. Lynn Severance Says: March 9, 2016 12:18 am

    ( For some time there were others swimming near me – and now just me. Perhaps they found a different streamlet. That is okay. I love the questions echoing and beckoning me to dive deeper. Others may be on their way to this part of the stream later.)

    Inner pain: In the experience I expressed in the entry before this one, that pain existed until I got alone with the Lord for it was in my relationship with Him that the near mishap was clouded. I hurt at the thought of having in any way betrayed the trust He has in me – in “us”. I hurt from the guilt of my being deceived – perhaps pride in that I had let my guard down in the blindness of being admired yet too naive to see I was being “played”. God’s peace and love, and the forgiveness He knew I needed, fell as a mantle of fresh snow – soft – an embrace that only unconditional love can bestow.

    Deadlines: I have put in long hours to accomplish goals but I don’t recall them being in such a context as Graham experienced. Meeting the goals brought success in having them accomplished but I don’t recall a time when quality was sacrificed.

    Too complicated: For me it is not being a harsh taskmaster but more one who is non-motivated when a task with a deadline is too far out for focus to seem necessary. During my career years, there was always a task at hand and it got done (and this question came from a time frame when Graham was deeply in his mid adult career years). With retirement and different goals, the demands in my life are less intense. There are times God simply has me in a waiting pattern for His light to shine on the path He has prepared for the work that is to be done.
    Then I cannot stop working it is so exciting to have what is needed for the task pouring into me!

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